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Best Travel Bag Brands 2021 – Top Travel Brands

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This article showcases our top picks for the best travel bag brands. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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This product was recommended by Fred Blair from Awesome Hoops

I always go for quality and Rimowa is my top choice for travel bags and luggages. I would recommend their Essential Lite luggage because it is roomy (good for a week’s travel). The wheels are super smooth and the most stable of all the luggages I have used. It also comes with mesh dividers that help me organize my travel essentials and place them securely. The after sales service is superb. You can bring your bag or luggage to any of their stores globally. For basic repairs, they can even do it on the spot.


This product was recommended by Brandon Wachs from Shark Eyes

It’s one of the most popular bag brands. Having begun over 100 years ago, Samsonite has made its mark in the travel bag industry by creating high-quality travel bags with outstanding designs. Their bags are also durable. The prices range from the low-to-mid-range, making it a perfect option for anyone looking for a quality bag with a tight budget.

Away Travel

This product was recommended by Shelly Peel from SocialMum

Their suitcases are built to last from 100% polycarbonate materials. They are also completely lightweight, even lighter compared to most fabric bags. The bags are completely spacious, and this gives you sufficient space to fit all your clothes and additional items in one bag.

American Tourister

This product was recommended by Mike Bran from Thrill Appeal

American Tourister offers stylish, fun, and quality bags to make your travel experience better. Started in 1933 and now one of the most renowned brands in the world, you must consider American Tourister for your luggage packing. It offers a perfect combination of quality, design, and style. It offers other accessories to assist your travel plans as well.


This product was recommended by Mike Bran from Thrill Appeal

One of the brands known purely for its quality, durability, and lightweight bags is Victorinox. An old company that started its journey in 1984, Victorinox offers from a variety of styles and designs for you to choose from. The elements of the bags are made from reliable materials, making the bag durable, and your belongings safer.

Eagle Creek

This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from VeteransAutoInsurance

These bags are tough. They’re made of weather resistant polyester and come in an array of vibrant colors and designs. They’re perfect for airline travel, car travel, and even outdoor adventures. Some bags are so versatile you have the option to wheel them or wear them as a backpack. The company’s lifetime guarantee covers every type of problem you can imagine. They stand by their product so you can depend on it.


This product was recommended by Sam Stroud from Woodshed Agency

NYA-EVO is a brand that focuses on creating high-quality adventure backpacks for storing camera gear. They have a variety of different sizes including the Fjord 60-c (60 liters of storage capability), the Fjord 36 (36 liters), and the upcoming Fjord 26 city pack (26 liters). In their words: NYA-EVO brings a new breed of adventure backpack to the camera equipment market. Since its launch in 2017, our Fjord 36 and removable camera insert system has been a game-changer for adventure photographers the world over. We have listened to our customers and added to the Fjord line-up other essential backpacks, which work seamlessly with our RCI units. NYA-EVO products are designed and tested in the Nordics. Adventurers, photographers, filmmakers, travellers, extreme sports professionals, our backpacks have already helped some of world’s most talented explorers take their craft even further while keeping them comfortable and protected.


This product was recommended by Margo Fery from Margo Paige

Our handbags are perfect for the modern, fashion forward traveler. Our clear handbags are great for security and if attending a sports game, meeting or concert while traveling, you’ll need a clear bag to get through the door. Our clear bags are an optimal purchase because of the versatility they offer, easy to clean and still maintain a current style. Bonus? They helping maintain a distance while going through a security line. We also love our metallics for travel because they double as a pop-in pouch for travel bags, waterproof interior and convert into a crossbody. Grab make-up, toss in and remove when you arrive to convert into your travel crossbody. Our handbags are affordable, we believe in buying better so you can wear longer. The motto for a frequent traveler!

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