Best Practices for Staying Safe while Feeding your Wanderlust this Pandemic

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The holiday season is the busiest for people travelling in the United States. But, between two seasons, around a million people board planes routinely, hit the roads, and hop on trains to see their families.

But, what will the holiday spree look like in the pandemic?

Although the travel numbers are slowly recovering – all thanks to coronavirus lows, the travel authorities shed light on the increasing number of people flying. The global pandemic has taken a toll on everyone. People had a sigh of relief when the restrictions were lifted. Now that you’re among the masses, you’ve had their tickets booked; make sure you follow some guidelines right from your Portland PDX home.

Don’t know about these best practices? It’s time to skim read these points before embarking upon this fun yet a safe-to be a vacation:

Keep your Distance and Wash your Hands:

One of the best ways of reducing coronavirus is maintaining social distancing and washing your hands time and again. Try to stay at least six feet away from other travellers when you’re at the airport. Believe you should move away from others to an empty spot if you feel your gate is getting crowded.

Aptly Research your Airlines:

Keep your distance from others while you’re travelling. And, why not? It reduces your risk of spreading COVID-19. Thereby, the best thing that you can do is to find an airline with a reduced seating capacity. By doing so, you can quickly mitigate your risk of potential virus spread.

Before paving a path for flight booking, make sure the airline follows the guidelines you’re most comfortable with.

Drive yourself to the airport:

Instead of taking public transportation or rideshare, minimize contact with other people. Now that you wonder how you will reach, your way out is driving yourself to the airport. Consider dropping your vehicle for Parking at Portland PDX Airport as it can save you costs. All you’ve to do is enter your departure dates, choose the most convenient reservation and pre-pay it, and on the trip day, park your car. Carry your receipt, and on the day of arrival, all you’ve to do is pick up your vehicle and be on your way home.

Avoid Eating While in Air:

Airplane air is the cleanest- all thanks to a rapid rate of circulation and filtration. However, there’s a little harm in being on the cautious side of things. Yes, ensure keeping your mouth, nose, and eyes covered with protective glass and mask at all times.

Also, the health professionals suggest you avoid drinking and eating if you’re sitting close to other people. By doing so, you’ll be able to reduce the number of times your mask is likely to come off.

Arriving at your destination:

It is a known fact that people only follow social distancing when they’re outdoors as the virus spreads when people are in close contact and indoors. But, what’s your take when you’re with your friends and family on holiday.

Social distancing then, oh no, you don’t want that!

You might wonder there’s no solution to it, but wait until you read on. Try minimizing as much contact as possible. Wear masks and wash your hands at all times. In the end, it’s all about the preventive measures of reducing risk and virus spread.

Isolate Before and After Travel:

Try to minimize interactions in the best possible manner- both before and after you travel.

It’ll be even better if you take a COVID-19 test 72 hours before your departure and then again 3-5 days after arrival. If you’re unable to take a COVID test, ensure reducing the transmission by isolating yourself before and after travelling.

Follow State Guidelines:

The State governments update their guidelines for preventing the virus in the best manner. Consider the list of questions to evaluate the risk involved in travelling.

Be sure to follow the local guidelines and restrictions after landing at a destination. These guidelines generally associate with isolating and public gatherings.

Final Walkthroughs- Awaken to a New World with some To-Dos:

Travelling and social gatherings increase your risk of spreading COVID-19. However, if that’s the absolute necessity, ensure washing your hands properly. Wear your masks, avoid crowded places, and practice social distancing. Nonetheless, avoid being outdoors whenever you can.

The virus spread and aspects are disrupting and unfortunate. But, some safety measures are sure to keep you in the pinch of good health.

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