Best Gifts for the Anglophile in Your Life

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Best Gifts for the Anglophile in Your LifeFriends and family who never miss a Jane Austen film adaptation or brag about their knowledge of “Tube” routes in London are itching to get back on a plane bound for the U.K. To help you acknowledge their fixation on their next special day, we’ve put together a list of the best gifts for the Anglophile in your life.


From The Great British Baking Show to Downton Abbey, cookbooks featuring British cuisine (not an oxymoron, actually) can be found in nearly any bookstore. If you are feeling a bit cheeky, and your London-loving friend has a sense of humor, consider gifting “Great British Cooking: A Well-Kept Secret.”


Brits love mucking about in the garden. Help your Anglophile friend follow suit with a good pair of Wellingtons. These classic rubber boots—modeled after leather Hessian-style boots worn by the first Duke of Wellington—are a must for gardening, walks in the rain, and puddle-jumping. Of course, you’ll have to find a sneaky way to discover your recipient’s shoe size.

Academic Scarves

When one goes “up to Oxford,” one purchases a distinctive scarf, the stripes of which identify the individual college with which one is affiliated. The same is true of “the other place,” Cambridge. Several online retailers offer college-specific scarves. Some schools have different scarves depending on academic rank (undergraduate, graduate, faculty, etc.).

Tweeds, Woolens, and Raincoats

Tweedy things evoke Britain, from jackets to bags to gloves. Sweaters made from wool particular to certain regions of the U.K. are also great choices. And of course, there’s the inevitable trench coat. If the coats are too pricey, a hat in a distinctive plaid or checked pattern also has its place on the list of best gifts for Anglophiles.

A Classic Walking Cane

A dandy looks dandier with a fine walking stick. Don’t rule out canes for the ladies, either, as many used them in British society in the 18th and 19th centuries; your Jane Austen enthusiasts will be charmed. British-designed canes often feature carved handles in the form of animals or engraved knob-handles.

Picnic Gear

Picnic baskets, backpacks, and even picnic rugs set your friend or loved one up for outdoor summer fun; and, of course, it’s all British style. Fill the carrier yourself or provide a gift certificate to a specialty provisioner that carries cheeses, marmalades, “pickle,” and biscuits from across the pond.

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