Best Apps For Traveling With Toddlers

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Apps For Traveling With Toddlers. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Kids Doodle – Color & Draw Free Game

This product was recommended by Jane Kallinger from SewingFromHome

I have a passion for teaching my students a variety of crafting skills and have been fortunate enough to be featured on Instructables, HuffPost, Business Insider, Tiny Beans, and DIY Craftsy. Kids Doodle by Doodle Joy Studio is perfect for toddlers because it helps them to develop their creativity and motor skills. The app has a variety of activities that allow toddlers to explore different mediums, such as painting and drawing. It also encourages them to be imaginative, as they can create their own characters and scenes. As a crafter and teacher, I know the importance of developing these skills within our children from a young age. And there is no better way to kill 2 proverbial stones; traveling with toddlers and the drama that can cause, than with this app.


This product was recommended by David Adler from The Travel Secret

Toddlers can travel with a number of travel apps that can be downloaded for free. If you can, download them before you travel so that you don’t encounter any problems while downloading. PBS Kids videos can be downloaded for free. Toddlers can watch full episodes of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Curious George, Sesame Street, and more in this app. The app will keep toddlers entertained for hours.

Offroad Legends Sahara

This product was recommended by Stephen Curry from CocoSign

Download the offroad legend Sahara app and make your child busy during travel. In this interactive game, toddlers hit the gas and climb to the top of the world. Toddlers can travel in their unique world with incredible off-road vehicles, experiencing real-time vehicle deformation and precise physics simulation. Offroad legend Sahara is designed to unleash your toddler’s creativity and confidence through crashing the barriers and flying above the bottomless chasms with monster trucks.


This product was recommended by Stephen Curry from CocoSign

The Minecraft game app is an excellent guide for your toddler during travels. The goal is to survive and be creative by using the resources to build shelter and find food. Toddlers will blast learning about building the grandest castle and exploring infinite worlds. They offer creative opportunities for your child as they can craft and make anything they can imagine.

Player App for Kids – Free videos for Kids

This product was recommended by Steven Walker from Spylix

The best videos for children. There are videos, songs, music, and cartoons for all ages. The software provides access to many videos for children from YouTube channels and playlists (about 50 million videos). Create your playlists by searching for your favorite cartoons. The user interface is simple.. Create a unique profile. Create your cartoon playlist by searching through your collection of cartoons. Save your favorite videos to your computer. Easy to use search engine

Car racing game for Kids – Beepzz animal cars fun adventure

This product was recommended by Steven Walker from Spylix

Join us for a thrilling trip in one of our Beepzz rally cars. Select your favorite car and take on the trials of uphill and downhill terrain. Our Beepzz pals will whisk you away on an exciting adventure through the city, farm, desert, snowy mountains, and Savannah woodland. This imaginative arcade racing game will help your child’s problem-solving abilities and working memory, as well as their self-esteem. More importantly, they will have a great time. Prepare to become addicted to the fascinating physics-based easy racing game created for small children.

KidloLand Preschool Learning Games

This product was recommended by John Tian from Mobitrix

This is an exciting kid game app that children can play by tapping, popping, and interacting with unique and adorable characters. It entails loads of surprises with endless fun, animations, sounds, and interactions on tap. Kids can sing along with all popular classic nursery rhymes alongside learning how to read and write with fun stories. KidloLand enables offline features; therefore, no Wi-Fi is needed once you download the content. It is the perfect app for road trips and flights to keep toddlers engaged.

GoNoodle – Kids Videos

This product was recommended by John Tian from Mobitrix

GoNoodle is an involving game that includes mashups of your favorite children’s videos packaged up for your kid at different intervals throughout the day. This game is developed by a team of seasoned designers, educators, child development specialists, and experts who specialize in kid content to ensure that all GoNoodle videos are created for your kid’s mental development. Free kids’ videos, songs, and more are all designed to help kids learn and be their best. This is an excellent app to keep your toddler occupied when traveling by stimulating their brain cells while watching mindful videos to teach them how to de-stress, manage their emotions, and resolve conflict. – Early Learning Academy

This product was recommended by Alina Clark from CocoDoc

ABCmouse is the research-validated digital learning program for kids 2–8 that can accelerate the development of early literacy and math skills and help ensure kindergarten readiness and 3rd grade readiness, two important academic milestones. Created and designed and by teachers and education experts, ABCmouse is a trusted learning resource that’s used in more than 70,000 classrooms and in nearly half of all U.S. public libraries.

Kids Glow – Doodle with Stars!

This product was recommended by Phillip Villegas from Three Pedal Mafia

Don’t limit a child’s imagination, anything can be painted or drawn with, including the glittering stars. By using only your finger you can create a dazzling painting using Kids Glow. Share your kids incredible collection with your family and friends. It’s a lot of fun! This is a fantastic app that kids enjoy, and it makes it very easy to keep them occupied. Without a doubt, highly recommended. This is a great product.

Elmo Loves 123s

This product was recommended by David Murphy from DropGuys

One of the smartest and fun apps for toddlers to keep them busy when traveling, is Elmo Loves 123s from Sesame Street! This app is not only stimulating and entertaining for your toddler, but it is also educational so you can feel good about them playing with this app. It will keep kids entertained for a long time as it has many number related mini games like coloring, tracing, and short Sesame Street videos. The best part about this app is you can track the progress your toddler makes, allowing you to see what level they are at with numbers.

My Talking Tom

This product was recommended by Ryan Yount from LuckLuckGo

When traveling with your toddler, it is vital to keep them occupied, silent and calm to ensure that you can travel in peace and focus on the road if you are driving. Talking Tom is a great app that you can install on any of your devices, whether Android or iOS. More than just cracking up the kid, it is also effective in helping young ones develop their speech faster.

Moo, Baa, La La La!

This product was recommended by Chiara Gomiero from Handy Wine Guide

This app is for children of age 1 to 5 years will keep them busy playing with the animal sounds. It’s a great tool for children who are practicing reading skills, they can touch the words for hints as needed.

Starfall ABC’s

This product was recommended by Elizabeth Fraley from Kinder Ready Inc.

This app give kids an animated experience to learning letters, sounds, words, and vocabulary. If you upgrade you can get extra lessons on social skills and math. A great skill for toddlers is to learn sign language, through Starfall ABC’s Kids can learn to sign the alphabet.

ABC Animals

This product was recommended by Elizabeth Fraley from Kinder Ready Inc.

This app has alphabet flashcards reviewing letters and animals sounds. The app also features an animal feeding game perfect for young toddlers on the go! The app also teaches responsibility with the animal daycare where children can feed, and dress up their animals! The app also has great games that focus on visual spatial skills identifying differences along with alphabet tracing to support fine motor development.

Breath Think by Sesame Street

This product was recommended by Elizabeth Fraley from Kinder Ready Inc.

This perfect for toddler’s app focuses on social and emotional development. The app features scenarios where children have to decide what to do next and how to regulate themselves. English and Spanish options for learning. The app features a special breathe, think, do approach to help toddlers navigate their feelings. This app is perfect for traveling to help calm your toddler on the go!

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