Benefits Of Using A Luggage Shipping Service

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Imagine gliding around the airport with ease, perhaps doing a bit of pre-holiday shopping before stopping for a drink and a spot of lunch. Then, when get off the plane at the other side you slip seamlessly through customs, straight out the door and into your taxi. No messing around. It sounds like a dream, right?

Well, if you hate lugging around heavy bags and suitcases every time you travel, then why not make this dream a reality. Next time you travel, consider using a luggage shipping service instead of taking your bags yourself. Not sure what this means for you? We’re here to tell you.

In this guide, we’ll talk more about this wonderful service and highlight some of the key benefits of choosing to use a luggage shipping service. It might just change how you travel forever!

What is a luggage shipping service?

Although there are different rules, policies and possibilities depending on the shipping provider you choose, as a general rule a luggage shipping service is a professional courier service used to transport your luggage from your home to your chosen destination prior to you travelling.

This can be an individual service provider or someone who is part of a larger courier service, either way, it can reduce the hassle of travelling and be a real game-changer. We recommend My Baggage, they’ll pick up your bags from your home (or other chosen location) and courier them over to your hotel, apartment or specified destination overseas.

Now, we’re going to go look at the key benefits of using this type of service.

1. Lugging less around as you travel

Let’s face it, lugging heavy bags to the airport and then standing in line for an hour waiting to check them in is not the right way to start your holiday. Not to mention you’ll have to do it all over again on the way back. Choosing a luggage shipping service can cut down on the stress of lugging about heavy bags and having to check them in before you can finally relax and get into holiday mode.

What’s more, it means you don’t have to wait around to collect your bags from reclaim once you land. We’ve all been there, waiting for what feels like hours for the bags to be unloaded, only to then rush around trying to grab your suitcase and ash through customs in time to catch your bus. A shipping service will drop your bags right to your door, so there’s no messing around.

This can be particularly helpful if you’ve got a fair bit of traveling to do on the other side. Say for example you land in the nearest airport but still have to catch a bus and then a taxi before you reach your final destination. Doing all that with a suitcase or large bag can be pretty tiring. By using a shipping service you can travel stress-free and safe in the knowledge that your bags will be waiting for you when you arrive at your final destination.

2. Making life easier for big groups and families

Following on from this, a luggage shipping service can be a life-saver for large groups who have a lot to carry or for families who need additional belongings for their little ones. If you’re a family who hopes to transport your pushchair, car seat, travel cots or important belongings like this abroad, this can be a real struggle on the plane. Often these end up having to be put in the hold while everyone is boarding or you may even find yourself being charged for excess baggage.

Hiring a shipping service means you can get everything you need sent directly to your accommodation, so you don’t have to try and carry it around with you or try to rent substitutes when you get to the other side. Which again, can be a stressful start to your holiday and one you could do without.

3. Ensure the safety of your luggage

By using a luggage service you can also ensure the safety of your bags. This could be more or less important to you depending on what it is you’re transporting, but let’s say your bag contains some pretty valuable or irreplaceable items – do you really want them being thrown around by baggage handlers? Hardly!

By choosing a trusted provider, you can ensure that your luggage arrives safely and in one piece. This can help to reduce the stress as you travel and means that you can take those more expensive items you might have otherwise been concerned about travelling with.

4. It won’t be misplaced

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it can be a really stressful experience. Let’s say you arrive on holiday and wait for an hour at the carousel for your bag to come out. But it never does. Unfortunately, these things happen, sometimes bags are re-routed, put on a later flight or in some more extreme cases, lost altogether.

By choosing a luggage shipping service, not only can you avoid the crowds at the luggage carousel but you can also ensure that your bags arrive safely and on time. Because nothing puts a downer on a holiday like your bags not turning up or having to return to the airport a day later to claim them – and trust us, this does happen (it may have already happened to you in the past) and sometimes it’s just not worth the risk.

5. It can be more cost-effective

Though you might be thinking, OK, this all sounds great but how much is this going to cost me? Luggage shipping can actually be a more cost-effective solution depending on how much you have and what you’re transporting. Take for example people who like to travel with their skiing equipment, surfboards or other sporting gear, these can take up a lot of space and can therefore cost a large sum to check onto the plane.

This is also true if you’re trying to ship larger, heavier items over to your chosen destination. Often courier services actually work out cheaper than paying for excess baggage, with many airlines charging eye-watering fees just to get your belongings overseas.

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