Bank Heist Escape Room For 2 In Brighton Review

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Bank Heist Escape Room For 2 In Brighton Overview:

Use your skills of deduction to rob the vault of an arms-dealer. This escape room takes place in a real restored bank vault in Brighton!

Experience Days Escape Rooms: Do you have what it takes to pull off the ultimate bank heist? With this unique bank robbery escape room in Brighton, you and a friend have 40 minutes to crack the code that opens the vault. Through a series of tricky puzzles and tasks, the two of you will be challenged to rob one of the oldest banks in Brighton with the help of your getaway driver.

Your experience begins when you arrive at the unique venue in Brighton. Located around the back of a colourful coffee shop, this escape room has re-purposed an old bank vault for a truly authentic experience. After a brief introduction, don your balaclavas and get into the zone! (well, you weren’t going to go in bare-faced, were you? Not with your reputation…) Firstly, you and your partner in (simulated) crime will be challenged to break into the vault using skills available to every self-respecting robber: logic and deduction. Next, you’ll apply these skills to a variety of puzzles. Just make sure you rob the vault before the fuzz arrive on the scene. Don’t worry, your getaway driver Terrance will be on hand if you need his help… and, like all good getaway drivers these days, he’s reachable via Whatsapp.

So, what are you waiting for? Fulfil your Ocean’s 11 fantasies with a friend by your side, or treat a loved one with a sharp mind to an escape room experience like no other.

Review of the Bank Heist Escape Room For 2 In Brighton Experience:

Bank Heist Escape Room For 2 in Brighton is an impressive experience.

Myself and a friend entered the escape room and was greeted by the owners who do a fantastic job of explaining everything about the experience. They also provide insights into Brighton by sharing anecdotes and answer any questions.

We had the Bank Heist escape room which is a bank heist in the vaults that have been renovated. The detail was truly exceptional: from the little bank robbers and police and robbers on the notice board, the driving licence and police IDs. It felt like being in an actual crime scene.

I think the experience would be good for those who have never done an escape room before. It gives you the chance to go through everything before you start solving puzzles.

The puzzles were very effective and there were some real “aha” moments where I suddenly realised how to solve them. My favourite part was the writing puzzle where you had to transcribe an encoded message. We never thought of using a phone!

The story was great, even though we had some trouble believing that the staff working at the desk would be so lax with everything. The technology worked very well and the data logging was great.

The decor was really accomplished and the use of multimedia was very effective. I can’t think of anything that could have been improved. A real success!

I found the experience quite challenging and the clues and explanation were just right. No one felt excluded. We were given great direction and help.

There wasn’t enough time in the room – it was over much too soon!

The story was amazing, the role play was great and the puzzles were brilliant!

I had a great time and the puzzles were totally immersive and I felt like the game could go on forever.

The owners were absolutely fantastic at explaining the experience and the pitfalls to avoid.

My partner and I finally escaped with 6 minutes to spare! I am still so excited about this experience that I am going to do it again.

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