Air Travel Accessories for a More-Comfortable Flight

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It’s no secret that long flights can be extremely uncomfortable. Cramped seats and minimal legroom can leave you with a stiff neck and aching back—definitely not the best way to kick-off your trip. But you don’t need to dread your time in the sky—these travel accessories for a more-comfortable flight will make your air travels much more enjoyable.

Foot Hammock

Foot hammocks may be replacing neck pillows as the new go-to accessory on long flights. Passengers can hang these portable footrests around the tray table on the back of the seat in front of them and adjust it to their desired length. In addition to increasing comfort, foot hammocks help prevent stiffness and swelling during long flights.

Sound-Proof Headphones

Being able to listen to your favorite playlist on a long flight can make the time pass much quicker. However, loud, distracting noises that are common on flights can drown out the sound of your tunes. Fortunately, a pair of sound-proof headphones will block out the sound of crying babies, noisy neighbors, or annoying flushing toilets.

Portable Armrest Extender/Divider

These inventive accessories clamp over an existing armrest, and in turn, double the usable space. It also includes a divider, so you don’t have to worry about your neighbor hogging the entire armrest. When you’re done using it, you can then fold the divider flat so that it easily fits back into your carry on.

Ergonomic Travel Pillow

An ergonomic travel pillow is a must-have accessory on any long flight. These comfy cushions make dozing off much easier by preventing your head from falling forward and bobbing around just as you are about to fall asleep.

Window Shelf

You can easily insert window shelves into the window shade track to increase your shelf space. These handy accessories will help you stay organized and comfortable by providing you with space to rest your phone, drink, or book without having to keep your tray table down the entire flight.

We hope these travel accessories for a more-comfortable flight help make your travels more relaxing and enjoyable.

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