Adventure Awaits: Reasons You Need To Visit the Everglades

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The Everglades is one breathtaking place every traveler needs to see on one of their adventures. This incredible ecosystem is home to beautiful birds, dangerous predators, and some adorable mammals. Delve into the reasons you need to visit the Everglades to plan your next adventure.

Countess Outdoor Activities To Do

If you love exploring outside, the Everglades is the perfect place for you to visit. There are various thrilling activities, such as hunting, hiking, and camping. Some travelers even hire a guide to take them on a fan boat ride to get up close and personal with the alligators.

In fact, no matter what activity you do, consider hiring a guide to lead you through safely. The Everglades is a vast landscape, and you could get lost if you’re not familiar with the area.

It’s a Unique Ecosystem

The Everglades is home to one of the world’s most diverse and unique ecosystems, with vibrant plants and magnificent animals. If you love birdwatching, you’ll be happy to hear that this subtropical wetland is home to over 360 types of birds.

Some of the animals that call the Everglades home include the following:

  • Alligators
  • Crocodiles
  • Snakes
  • West Indian manatees
  • Florida panther

There’s a Lot To Learn

Some of us love making discoveries about life and our world. There’s never a dull moment when you’re in the Everglades, as you can learn about nature. If you go on a guided trip, the lead explorer may explain how iguanas took over the Everglades. Invasive species like the iguana, Burmese python, and feral hog all damage this ecosystem and threaten native creatures.

And here’s another fun fact: the Everglades is one of few places in the world where alligators and crocodiles can exist side by side. How? The Everglades has bodies of fresh- and saltwater which allows both reptilian predators to thrive.

It’s Key to Florida

The final reason you need to visit the Everglades is that the ecosystem symbolizes the state. You can’t go to Florida without checking out the Everglades. Nothing compares to animals and plants living the way they should in the wild. Sometimes, it’s the simple beauties we admire most.  

Many of us enjoy traveling because it’s the perfect way to take in new sites and learn about our incredible world. The breathtaking beauty of the Everglades offers you this opportunity, so take advantage of it if you love to travel!

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