A Vacationer’s Guide to the Islands of the Bahamas

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From the clear blue seas and sandy beaches to deep-sea snorkeling and scenic ATV tours, the Bahamas are a beautiful set of islands just south of Florida.

When it comes to the Bahamas, the choice of where to visit can be overwhelming! Of the 700 islands that make up the archipelago, you can travel to over two dozen. 

Not sure what islands of the Bahamas you want to explore? Keep reading to find out which islands are right for your trip.

Family Oriented

If you’re planning a family vacation, you’ll want to look into the best Bahamas islands for children. Right off the bat, Paradise Island is what most kids dream of for a beach getaway!

Home to Atlantis, the most popular resort hotel of the bunch, kids will love the waterpark, swimming with dolphins, and exploring the beautiful beaches.

Another great place to go with your family is the Exumas. Home to hundreds of islands, you can go on sightseeing tours, bring older children kayaking, or explore the island’s beautiful wildlife. 

When traveling to a tropical destination with children, be sure you keep these vital travel tips in mind to help your vacation go smoothly from start to finish. 

Romantic Get Away

Whether you’re planning a romantic trip with your partner or you’re looking for a great place to honeymoon, Eleuthera is one of the best islands to visit in the Bahamas!

The beaches of Eleuthera are picture-perfect, with calm blue seas and beautiful, natural landscapes. Close neighbor Harbor Island offers pink sand beaches, perfect for romantic days spent with your loved one. 

Not only are the beaches stunning, but Eleuthera is much less frequented than other islands, giving you and your partner privacy and alone-time. 

Don’t worry about staying at a resort full of screaming kids. Instead, Eleuthera Direct will have you and your beau living lavishly in beautiful and secluded rentals.

Activities Galore

If you’re the adventurous type, looking for a little thrill on your relaxing vacation, Long Island is for you. The beautiful cliffs are perfect for hiking and exploring.

You’ll want to take advantage of the beautiful seas and coral reefs by snorkeling. You can also adventure into different caves and hidden beaches. 

The Island of Andros is also full of various activities for those looking to explore. The different watering holes, national parks, and barrier reefs are perfect for those looking to explore the natural side of the Bahamas.

Enjoy Your Trip to the Islands of the Bahamas

Whether you’re looking for a honeymoon destination or want to make family memories, look no further than the islands of the Bahamas for your tropical getaway.

When it comes to planning island vacations, you want to ensure you have some idea of what you want to do and experience. There are so many options that just going with the flow can be overwhelming.

If you found this guide to the best Bahamas islands to visit useful, be sure to check out the rest of our website for more helpful travel content, tips, and tricks.

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