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8 Perfect Traveling Gifts For Teens | Travel Gifts For Teens 2019

Gifts to keep the teens not bored while traveling.

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Keeping teens entertained while traveling these days is a hard job, not because there’s little entertainment around for them, but because there’s so much! Infinite options of games, series, comics, instant messaging and many more things to distract them while on the road.

Are they even looking at the scenery? You might not be able to make them quit this stuff, but you can gift them something to motivate them to enjoy the traveling experience and help them along the road.

#1 Kali’s Kits Solar and Battery Powered Charger

The Kali's Kits Solar and Battery Powered Charger travel product recommended by Olivia Davis on Lifney.

Kali’s Kits survival kits come with a variety of everyday necessities that teenagers can use to help get them through the day. These items range from nail files to sunscreen to lip gloss. All are packed into the kit, which features a USB charging port and solar powered charger so your teen can charge their devices anywhere on-the-go – making each Kali’s Kits survival kit the perfect companion for school, road trips, plane rides and sleepovers.

Learn more or buy here.

#2 VOLO Hero Hair Towel

The VOLO Hero Hair Towel travel product recommended by Christina Cioffi on Lifney.

It can be hard to pick which beauty essentials to pack – especially when it comes to sharing small hotel bathrooms. Make it a priority to protect your hair from those scratchy hotel towels and bring The VOLO Hero Hair Towel, designed for an easier, faster dry that leaves you with zero frizz and healthier hair. The Hero’s plush fabric can absorb up to ten times its own weight in water and cut dry time down by up to 50%!

Learn more or buy here.

#3 Slope lenses – Horizon 1 sunglasses

The Slope lenses - Horizon 1 sunglasses travel product recommended by Andrew Cochran on Lifney.

The Slope lenses feature attractive gradients that converge in the center, the dramatic lines creating a look that is powerful and sophisticated. Reminds one of the character Neo’s sunglasses in The Matrix movie trilogy.

100% eye protection against UV radiation from the Sun, three lens tint choices for varying weather conditions, high impact strength for protection during outdoor activities, premium quality, everybody looks good/cool wearing sunglasses and these three lens shape styles are edgy/stand out. Perfect for cycling, running, hiking, team sports, any outdoor activity.

Learn more or buy here.

#4 Cute Penguin Silicone Travel Bottles

The Cute Penguin Silicone Travel Bottles travel product recommended by Noreen Fahad on Lifney.

  • 100% Brand new and high quality penguin shaped empty silicone travel bottles.
  • This special design travel bottles will make you look unique.
  • 90ml empty travel bottles are best for Shampoo, Conditioner and Moisturizer.
  • You can put any kind small ornaments while travelling.
  • They are suitable for both professional and personal use.
Learn more or buy here.

#5 The Original Stretchlace

The The Original Stretchlace travel product recommended by Jamie Montz on Lifney.

When teens travel they wear sneakers, and there’s lots of tying, whether it be through security lines, hotel room changes, shopping changes, you get the idea. You’ve got places to be and these laces make travel that much more convenient and comfortable. Those long walks through the city or hikes through the mountain will be in extra comfort with the stretch and flexible support. Your teens will thank you.

Learn more or buy here.

#6 Navy Blue – Reinvented Travel Pillow

The Navy Blue - Reinvented Travel Pillow travel product recommended by Georgia McKinney on Lifney.

Flight Fillow turns any sweater or hoodie into a travel pillow giving you all of the benefits without any of the hassle. It fits in your pocket, is easy to wash, and is the fraction of the price of the standard bulky neck pillow.

Learn more or buy here.

#7 Helikon Bandicoot Waist Pack

The Helikon Bandicoot Waist Pack travel product recommended by Lukas on Lifney.

Waist packs made a massive come back last year and continue to be very popular among teens, both as a fashion accessory and handy travel companion. Bandicoot is a low-profile, medium sized waist pack with detachable belt strap, custom buckle configuration, YKK zipper closures and three compartments with organizers for all on-the-go storage needs.

Made of durable 500D Cordura Nylon material, it’s not only highly practical when travelling but also durable, and comes in an array of colors and cool camo patterns.

Learn more or buy here.

#8 Suede Microfiber Beach Towel

The Suede Microfiber Beach Towel travel product recommended by Nat Dwyer on Lifney.

They say teens are picky and hard-to-please, but that’s not until you get them a thoughtful yet cool travel gift. The Suede Micro-fiber is a vibrant-colored cabana stripe and luxurious silky soft towel that comes in a wide range of colors that your teen will love. It’s thinner than standard microfiber & cotton its lightweight so when rolled up & compact making it super easy to pack and carry.

Rolled out, it’s an extra-large towel that’s big enough to lay on & even wrap around you. It comes in perfect sizes for teens that you wouldn’t want it any bigger. And you don’t have to wait the whole day for it to dry since it’s high-tech, sand-proof fabric dries 5 x faster. The Suede Micro-fiber silky soft suede feel is what the teen needs to look and feel amazing during that travel experience.

Learn more or buy here.

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