7 of the Coolest Pubs in Dublin for the Perfect Night Out

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Walk down any street in Dublin and you’ll find more pubs than you can count. Whether you’re a laid-back traditionalist or a nightclub fanatic, Dublin promises a fun night out for anyone. While any establishment will provide good times and great drinks, these coolest pubs in Dublin are for those on the cutting edge.

1. Whelan’s

If live music is your thing, Whelan’s is the place to be. Known around the world as the pub from the 2007 film P.S. I Love You, movie buffs and music lovers alike will find plenty to enjoy at Whelan’s. Live music plays there almost every night, from indie rock to traditional Irish music. Grab a pint, sink into a chair, and let the sounds wash over you.

2. The Bernard Shaw

Named after Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw, The Bernard Shaw is one of the coolest pubs in Dublin. Graffiti is splashed over its walls, creating a unique and fun atmosphere. Its outdoor beer garden is a lively space perfect for drinks with friends as well. Best of all, the Eatyard, an outdoor food truck venue, is right next door.

3. The Bleeding Horse

Established in 1649, The Bleeding Horse is a living piece of history. Mentioned in the classic Irish novel Ulysses by James Joyce, this pub may be old, but it still promises a fun night. Its classic interior is a sight to see. When you pair it with their delectable drink and dinner menus, you’re in for a great time.

4. The Blind Pig

This speakeasy is challenging to find, but once you’re inside The Blind Pig, you’re in for a treat. Located underground in a cozy, bricked-in bar, they have a wide range of classic and delicious cocktails to choose from. The perfect spot for a romantic night in, there’s no pub more exclusive.

5. Farrier & Draper

As eclectic as it is luxurious, the interior of Farrier & Draper is a sight behold. Mismatched, colorful chairs set off the classic paintings hanging on every inch of the walls. An eccentric and sprawling pub, fellow cocktail lovers populate this well-loved drinking spot.

6. The Beer Market

When you step into The Beer Market, get ready to try something new. Its biggest draw is a huge selection of rare craft beers. Quality is a priority here, but the atmosphere is just as phenomenal as the brews. With large windows, informed bartenders, and fun game rooms, this modern pub is a must-see in Dublin.

7. Mary’s Bar & Hardware

Part hardware store, part bar, this recent addition to the pub scene is unlike any other. Many years ago, rural pubs used to feature hardware wares alongside their beer selections. Mary’s Bar & Hardware wants to bring this tradition back to life. The hammers, kettles, and other bric-a-brac you see along the wall is actually for sale, but patrons usually have too much fun to shop.

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