6 of the Best Roadside Attractions in the U.S.

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Summer is the perfect time to plan an awesome road trip. Why not spend your vacation visiting some of the strangest sites and oddest attractions in America? Grab the gang, pack up your RV, and get ready for a crazy cross-country adventure to some of the best roadside attractions in the U.S.

International Cryptozoology Museum – Portland, Maine

Don’t spend your day wandering the woods in search of America’s most elusive cryptid. Instead, take a trip to the International Cryptozoology Museum where Bigfoot will happily pose for a picture with you. This museum lets visitors delve deep into the history of some of the world’s most famous mythical creatures, including the Loch Ness Monster and the Jersey Devil.

Unclaimed Baggage Center – Scottsboro, Alabama

Traveling can be stressful and can become even more frustrating when the airline loses your luggage. Luckily you can soothe your travel trauma with some retail therapy at the Unclaimed Baggage Center. This store covers over 40,000 square feet and houses thousands of items that travelers lost during their trip. Visitors have found everything from moose antlers to a shrunken head to a full suit of armor.

Carhenge – Alliance, Nebraska

Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument that has perplexed and delighted crowds for centuries. Unfortunately, located across the pond in England, this attraction is a bit too far for a road trip. Carhenge, however, is located a bit closer in the lush Nebraska countryside and is the perfect place for your next road trip detour. Carhenge is a quirky replica of Stonehenge that uses vintage cars as the base of the monument and is free to all visitors.

House on the Rock – Spring Green, Wisconsin

For a roadside attraction that will dazzle you at every turn, look no further than the House on the Rock. This museum is home to a variety of oddities and enchanting displays—from a model of the Titanic to the world’s largest indoor carousel. Visitors can even stroll down a 19th-century avenue or examine all the curiosities of a miniature circus.

Four Corners Monument – Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico

It’s usually impossible to be in two places at once but anything is possible at the Four Corners Monument. This roadside attraction allows visitors to stand in four states at once, making it the perfect place to stretch your legs after a long day in the car.

Hole N” the Rock – Moab, Utah

One of the most unique homes in America, and easily one of the best roadside attractions in the United States, Hole N” the Rock is an experience unlike any other. Visitors can take a tour of the 14-room home that’s carved into the bluff or view the large collection of sculptures. You can also make a new friend at the adjoining petting zoo.

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