6 of the Best European Destinations in the Fall

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Fall offers the best time to travel. In the summer, your favorite destinations become swamped with people, but in the fall, you basically get those spaces to yourself. The winsome autumn colors, the fantastic festivals, and the crisp air are just a few of things people love about the season. You deserve a luxury vacation, so make sure you plan accordingly—follow these smart travel tips and visit one of the best European destinations in the fall! You won’t want to miss all of the beauty these areas have to offer during the off season!

Bruges, Belgium

Clear canals, colorful houses, and rich autumn hues are just a few of the beautiful things you’ll see in Bruges. It could get a bit colder than you may expect, but it’s well worth it, so make sure you layer up. The city has many fun activities for you and your loved ones, from museums to walking paths—it’s a vacation you don’t want to miss.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenia may not be at the top of your list when it comes to European destinations, but we think it should be! In the autumn months, Slovenia boasts breathtaking sights and fiery fall foliage. The capital of the country, Ljubljana, comes alive in the fall with various festivals and experiences, from the Slovenian Wine Festival to the Festival of Night and Fiery Ambiances.

Bavaria, Germany

Southern Germany is home to some of Europe’s most spectacular fall scenery. The endless alpine forests pop with vivacious hues against the snowy mountain backdrop. Fall is the season for endless German festivals, so plan your visit around the one you want to participate in the most. If you have a romantic heart, Bavaria offers 25 different enchanting castles and palaces to discover and admire.

Central Bohemia, Czech Republic

Surrounding the gorgeous city of Prague is Central Bohemia, and it’s chock full of storybook villages, forests, and castles just waiting for you to explore them. Stay in Prague and take the time to travel the city center, or break away from the crowds. You’ll find plenty of brilliant hiking trails and castle tours to enjoy—try out Konopiste Chateau or Karlstejn Castle!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A dynamic place to visit all year, Amsterdam transforms into an absolute dream in the fall. With fewer crowds and astonishing foliage, you can easily walk along the canals in the evening or stop by a café for a refreshing beer. During the day, explore some of the walking trails or meander around the unique shops in the city center. The golden leaves and welcoming faces are just the beginning of the love you’ll feel when you visit.

Bordeaux, France

The stunning Bordeaux provides one of the best places to visit in France if you hope to have a luxurious vacation. Often considered one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe, this city will leave you feeling inspired and with fabulous memories. It’s absolutely riveting in the fall—head out on a wine tour and admire the rusty-hued vineyards as you sip delicious vintages.

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