5 Travel Bags That Women Will Love

Stylish and spacious bags for women who travel

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Crafted from quality materials, these bags are ideal for women who regularly take short trips away. Traveling can be stressful, so it’s vital to possess a bag that will carry all of your essentials and is lightweight enough to move around easily. Below are five fantastic bags that will make traveling a lot easier.

#1 DELSEY Paris Luggage Chatelet Hard+ Carry On Spinner Suitcase Hardcase

The DELSEY Paris Luggage Chatelet Hard+ Carry On Spinner Suitcase Hardcase travel product recommended by Cacinda Maloney on Lifney.

This Delsey Spinner is tough. I have taken it all over the world with me. The dark cholate color keeps it looking clean, yet fashionalbe. I look like I am put together when I use it with my matching backpack or they even have a day pack. The wheels are smooth on rough surfaces and ther is even a lock button to push if you are on an incline and don’t want it going anywhere.

I also no longer have to bring my TSA locks, because this carry-on already has a TSA lock attached to it. It also looks just as awesome at a 5 star luxury hotel as it does flying to more rugged territory. The best thing about it is that it has stood the test of time with its hardcase.

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#2 OlarHike 35L Lightweight Hiking Backpack

The OlarHike 35L Lightweight Hiking Backpack travel product recommended by Lydia on Lifney.

My all-time favorite travel bag is the OlarHike Packable Backpack. I can’t count how many times I’ve ended up totally unpacking my weekender for OlarHike. Unlike its name, I’m not a hiker but the 8 multi-purpose compartments is a lifesaver for those that are particular about where their items go. Plus it is water-resistant and super lightweight making it the perfect carry-on companion.

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#3 The SIX: A Carry-on You Effortlessly Push Forward

The The SIX: A Carry-on You Effortlessly Push Forward travel product recommended by Liel Miron-Halyo on Lifney.

The SIX was created for you, the individual traveller. G-RO’s unique take on 4-wheel luggage is the result of unparalleled innovation, incorporating the highest principles of industrial design, engineering and material science. After years of multidisciplinary research, and hundreds of thousands of miles of travel, G-RO developed the concept of ‘push’ luggage.

This new 6-wheel carry-on collection is designed for effortless travel. It boasts a narrow design to help travellers maneuver airplane aisles like a pro. You can finally fit all of your belongings into a compact space, thanks to its efficient architecture. The SIX turns traveling into a breeze, requiring zero additional energy to roll the bag.

This vision is dually significant as pushing forward transcends the physical act, and highlights individuality, strength and inspiration.

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#4 Women Top Handle Satchel Handbags Shoulder Bags Tote Purse

The Women Top Handle Satchel Handbags Shoulder Bags Tote Purse travel product recommended by Syed Ali Hasan on Lifney.

A unique design purse for ladies with quality craftsmanship and easy to carry anywhere you like. Featuring two compartments, one center pocket, one side and more roomy compartments for carrying small accessories. Suitable for all occasion and adds fancy touch when you match it with fancy outfits.

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#5 BLUBOON Canvas Weekender Bag

The BLUBOON Canvas Weekender Bag travel product recommended by Tressie Barlow on Lifney.

Sturdy bag for women looking to pack two-three days worth of clothing, towels, make up, gifts, hair accessories, etc. a cute carry-on weekender bag, It can even hold a laptop up to 15.6 inches. Short journey bag best for daily use, gym, school and weekend trips. Back side sleeve allows you to slide it over roller bag handle.

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