5 Tips To Avoid Food Poisoning When Traveling Abroad

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Traveling to different countries is a unique experience that allows you to enjoy the many characteristics that make each location special, including its food. One of the main complaints that some people have after traveling to a new place is that they felt sick after eating something they hadn’t tried before.

Safety guidelines and regulations for restaurants vary worldwide, so you must be extra careful if you want to avoid unpleasant situations. These tips to avoid food poisoning when traveling abroad will help you safely navigate your adventure and enjoy your dining experiences in a new country.

Drink Bottled Water

Water is one of the main sources of infection worldwide. Your body may be more susceptible to contracting an illness if you have never come into contact with certain infectious agents that may be common in other countries. As such, it’s best to drink bottled water when traveling. Always ensure the seal is new, and refrain from filling your bottle from unknown water sources. Tap water can be unsafe no matter where you go, as some countries lack regulations and filters. You don’t want to ruin your trip with just one sip.

Eat at Reputable Restaurants

Enjoying a meal somewhere with a good reputation will save you from wondering whether the meal you’re eating was a good or a bad choice. You can search online for popular restaurants, markets, or street vendors with good reviews to enhance your experience. If you have the option to cook meals yourself while abroad, you may want to jump at the opportunity. Cooking for yourself ensures you always know exactly what goes into a dish, which is especially beneficial if you are concerned about whether a restaurant is properly boiling water and disinfecting utensils.

Avoid Raw Foods

Some counties are popular for cuisines that feature raw and uncooked foods. While trying these new dishes can give you an adrenaline rush and a unique experience to remember, it’s important to remember that eating food that has been cooked thoroughly will also help you prevent a Hepatitis A infection. This type of infection could even worsen depending on your travel circumstances and the treatment you are able to receive while abroad. Though they are still edible and can be delicious, raw foods can also be dangerous if they’re not prepared properly.

Reconsider Hot Destinations

It is typically easier for infectious diseases to spread throughout countries with consistently warm and humid weather because these conditions allow the virus to propagate more quickly. Don’t consume food sold outdoors in hot weather, always keep your body hydrated, and don’t go long periods without eating. Spending time somewhere new can be challenging, but you can overcome any situation with the right knowledge.

Take Vitamins

Keeping your immune system strong is one of the best tips to avoid food poisoning when traveling abroad. You can take certain vitamins and supplements to keep your body strong but you should also update your vaccinations before embarking on your travels. Also, look at the required immunizations for each country you plan to visit. If you do not have the right medical records, you may not be granted entrance.

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