5 Things To Do With Your Travel Souvenirs

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Many people collect trinkets to remember their thrilling travels. However, it’s easy to let these items sit around and collect dust if you don’t have a plan for them. Celebrate the incredible cultures and landscapes you’ve explored by putting your mementos to good use. Here are five things to do with your travel souvenirs to commemorate your adventures.

Make Memory Jars

Small items like shells, coins, and stamps fit easily into mason jars. Make memory jars out of your tiny travel trinkets to display around your home or office. You could even collect a small amount of sand or soil to take your travels home with you! Check local laws before grabbing any natural materials so you don’t remove anything meaningful from the ecosystem.

Create a Scrapbook

Grab your scissors and glue sticks to make a scrapbook about all of your travel journeys. Scrapbooking is an easy thing to do with your travel souvenirs because it only requires basic craft supplies. You can put photos, postcards, and small, flat items between the pages to tell a timeless tale about all your adventures.

Give as a Gift

One of the best ways to repurpose your souvenirs is to give them as gifts. Share your experiences with your loved ones by giving them something they can’t get at home. Even something small, like a locally crafted keychain, can mean the world to a friend or family member because it shows that you were thinking about them even while on a personal vacation.

Display as Décor

Some people make a hobby out of collecting travel souvenirs. If you have a large inventory of items you’ve gathered from foreign lands, consider using them as part of your décor. You can create a display out of your shot glasses and cups or put smaller items in shadow boxes to decorate your space. That way, you’ll be able to look at your mementos and enjoy the precious memories you created on your travels.

Design a Gallery Wall

You probably took many incredible photos while exploring different corners of the world. Frame these pictures and design a gallery wall to personalize your bedroom. You can diversify your design by adding maps, postcards, and even textiles to replicate your experience. Gallery walls showcase the best parts of your trip, so find some high-quality frames to display your keepsakes.

Don’t let your souvenirs go to waste. Use any of these ideas to repurpose your priceless mementos and experience the wanderlust even when you’re back home.

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