5 Organic Spas In the U.S. That You Can’t Miss

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The spa experience can be a vacation of its own. For a brief moment, your stress slips away, and your only responsibility is to embrace the serenity. The types of products used on your skin are an important aspect of your visit, and you’ll want to be completely comfortable with the spa’s choices. At any one of these organic spas, you’ll be pampered with high-quality, natural products that will leave you feeling tranquil and rejuvenated.


1. Pure Organic Spa

San Francisco, CA

pure organic spa interior

At Pure Organic, the promise is in the name. Visitors are immediately attracted to the charming décor and beautiful color scheme. The employees’ friendliness and talent bring customers back to the spa time and time again.


2. Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa

Santa Fe, CA

rancho valencia spa interior

Another California favorite, Rancho Valencia has caught the eyes of visitors and travel guides alike. This spa resort prides itself on providing a complete wellness experience for both the mind and body.


3. Dewa Spa

Phoenicia, NY

Dewa Spa Interior

Revered by its patrons, Dewa Spa is a complete retreat. This day spa will make you feel like you’re in a different world altogether. Everything about Dewa seems completely natural, almost as though it’s part of the land itself. For anyone wanting the complete organic spa experience, Dewa is one spot you can’t miss.


4. Blooming Moon Wellness Spa

Portland, OR

Blooming moon wellness spa people talking

Endearing and impeccably clean, Blooming Moon is a true hidden gem. You could easily miss this spa when driving through Portland, but we recommend that you pay it a visit. Blooming Moon’s services are sure to give you the extra boost you need. The spa also offers cruelty- and toxin-free nail polish for its manicures and pedicures, standing by its mission to reduce waste.


5. Jivana Green Spa and Salon

Burlington, VT

Jivana Green spa interior

The owners of Jivana call their location an “organic sanctuary,” and they are true to their word. They strive for eco-friendliness in every aspect of their business, using non-toxic paint and energy-efficient appliances. They encourage customer communication, as they want every aspect of your visit to be memorable. Their dedication to the environment and to customer experience is a testament to their values.

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