5 of the Most Wheelchair Accessible Cities to Visit

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The United States is often considered one of the best countries to travel in. It has a diverse range of activities, sights, and places to explore. That said, not all travel spots are created equally or given as much thought and care—especially regarding facilities available for those with disabilities. However, many cities strive to be a haven for all travelers, no matter ability, race, gender, or age. Below, we’ve outlined some of the most wheelchair accessible cities to visit to showcase that the joy of travel is possible for everyone. Take a look!

Seattle, Washington

An absolutely lovely place to visit, you won’t just get the freshest seafood here, but you’ll also get unprecedented accessibility—not just taxis and bus services, but wheel-friendly ferries as well. The city is becoming more popular as more people are enchanted by the atmosphere and culture; thankfully, they recognize that and have made it accessible. Their most popular attractions such as the Seattle Aquarium, the Space Needle, and others are all accessible as well!

Denver, Colorado

Mile High City is completely wheelchair accessible. While you may not expect it with all the nature, it’s actually a great travel spot for those in a wheelchair. Better yet, they offer wheelchair users priority seating, while their Access-a-Ride program takes wheelchair users anywhere within a 3/4-mile radius of the transit system. If the metro isn’t calling your name, however, there are tons of accessible campsites, hiking trails, and river rafting opportunities.

Charleston, South Carolina

Though you may not be able to see all of the most-visited plantations and historic homes, you can admire the various art and city museums. Enjoy the sunshine during your vacation to Charleston and roll along the historic colonial city. Head to the Charleston Harbor and explore the different accessible tours and cruises. If you’re driving around in Charleston, as they don’t have the greatest public transit, utilize some disabled parking apps to help you find the perfect spot!

Las Vegas, Nevada

For quite some time now, Vegas has been known as a top wheelchair accessible city in the States. The city boasts the most accessible hotel rooms with incredible amenities such as transfer showers, tubs with built-in seats, tubs with portable seats, and so much more. If you want to leave the luxury of your room, the strip and its establishments are almost all wheelchair accessible. Everyone gets to party in Vegas!

Orlando, Florida

Another warm destination for your travel plans, Orlando is the last on our list of the five most wheelchair accessible cities to visit. Get into the Disney spirit and head to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios—you’ll get transported to all the different story worlds in total comfort. Most of the establishments provide accessible accommodations, and their public bus service prides themselves on their accessibility!

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