5 of the Best Tips for Taking Good Travel Photos

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Photos provide us with physical representations of priceless memories. After going on an unforgettable trip, looking back at photographs allows you to re-live your adventures all over again. To ensure that the images do your memories justice, follow these tips for taking good travel photos.

Follow the rule of thirds

Following the rule of thirds is a widely-used guideline for composing well-balanced and visually appealing photos. To follow this rule, divide your shot into thirds horizontally and vertically until you have nine boxes. Then, frame your shot so that the main points of interest are located either in the grid’s intersections or along the lines. Above all, you should try to avoid placing your subject directly in the center section. While the rule of thirds is a general guideline rather than an absolute rule, practicing it is a good way to ensure dynamic framing.

Use leading lines

Using leading lines to improve the composition of a shot can play a huge role in the photo’s appearance. Leading lines refer to features of the shot such as roads, trails, rods, or other linear aspects that immediately catch the attention of the viewer. This then guides their eyes towards the principal subject. Similar to the rule of thirds, leading lines are a useful composition technique that helps create dynamic and intriguing photographs.

Find the light

Quality lighting is one of the most important photographic elements. As a general rule, the golden hour is the best time for taking outdoor photos. The golden hour refers to the period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset when the sun casts soft warm tones across everything it touches. Ultimately, however, the right time to capture your photo will depend on your desired shot. In some cases, you may need to make your own lighting—especially when shooting underwater—by using lighting kits, diffusers, reflective equipment, or strobes.

Shoot from a unique angle

There’s a reason why photographers often end up lying or crouching on the ground while taking photos. To avoid getting a generic shot, you may need to risk looking a little funny. Changing up the angle of your shot will give you a unique perspective that you can’t get by simply standing up and snapping a photo.

Create contrast

Creating contrast in your photos is a great way to make your images pop and catch the viewer’s eye. Before shooting, take some time to scout out the locations you want to photograph and consider the backdrop coloring. If the colors are mostly light, consider making the subject of your photo dark so that it stands out more.

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