5 of the Best Hikes in the World You Need to Try

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There are thousands upon thousands of hiking trails to explore in the world, each offering an awe-inspiring opportunity to see the globe’s various little slices of paradise. If hiking is your go-to form of both relaxation and exhilaration, we’ve come up with some of the best hikes in the world—from day hikes to multi-day excursions. You’re sure to fall in love with each country’s natural beauty!

Inca Trail

Inca Trail

Location: Peru

Distance: 26 miles (43 km)

Time: 4–5 days (one-day hike available)

Consistently ranked pretty high on lists of the best hikes in the world, the Inca trail can meet every hiker’s needs. If you only have time for a one-day excursion, you can do the last section of the trail, which will lead you to Sun Gate. You can also choose the more difficult route and travel the whole trail—just prepare for a lot of ascending and descending. No matter which you choose, the views are worth it.

Manuel Antonio National Park Trails

Manuel Antonio National Park Trails

Location: Costa Rica

Distance: Varied, the longest trail is less than a mile long

Time: One day

There are a lot of beautiful national parks and reserves in Costa Rica but this is one of our favorites. Although it’s one of the smallest parks in Costa Rica, it’s also one of the most biodiverse parks in the world. The hiking trails here are all pretty short, so you’ll be able to explore all of them in one day if you choose. From beaches to jungles, there’s a lot to see here. Our favorite trail grouping is as follows: Miradores Trail, Playa Gemelas Trail, Puerto Escondido Trail, and Los Congos Trail.

Overland Track

Overland Track

Location: Tasmania

Distance: 40 miles (64 km)

Time: 5–6 days

This long hike goes through some of the wildest natural terrains on the planet—and it’s absolutely stunning. It’s part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, so hikers can experience total solitude, untouched terrain, and a vast array of landscapes. There are rain forests, highland mountains, alpine lakes, and plenty of other trails that will take you through paradise.

Tour du Mont Blanc

Tour du Mont Blanc

Location: France / Italy / Switzerland

Distance: 110 miles (170 km)

Time: 8–12 days

This long-distance hike takes you through three different countries and a wide variety of terrain. Heading through that much area means you’re bound to come across plenty of breathtaking views and wildlife. It may take some planning, but it’s well worth it in the end. Hikers get bewitching views of the Alps, impressive peaks and glaciers, and a trail that changes constantly—it’s mind-boggling.

Angels Landing

Angels Landing

Location: Zion National Park

Distance: 5.4 miles (9 km)

Time: 3–5 hours

A hike for thrill-seekers, Angels Landing is an unforgettable hike. There are chain-assisted rock scrambling sections that lead you up to vertigo-inducing heights. The exhilaration is well worth the views—you’ll be hard-pressed to find somewhere else. If you aren’t a fan of heights this may not be the best for you, as the last half-mile is a narrow spine of rock with 1,000-foot drop-offs on either side.

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