5 Hidden Car Features You May Not Know Existed

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If you’re planning to trek across the country in your car, you should take advantage of all the special features in your vehicle. After you prep the food, pack the trunk, and tidy up the car, you should take a moment to arrange your driving settings. Explore these five hidden car features you may not know existed and make your road trip much more pleasant.

Road Condition Indicator

Many cars have sensors that alert drivers to unsteady driving conditions. For example, if there is snow outside, your car’s tire treads will fill with the fluffy white precipitation, which can cause slippage on the road. But you can’t see what your tires look like while driving.

Your road condition indicator will tell you if your car tires are slipping. When you drive through snow or heavy rain, this helps you navigate across the terrain and adjust your speed with accuracy.

Gas Tank Locator

Your car always needs gas. But traveling to new places means you’ll encounter new and unfamiliar gas stations. If you’re confused about which side to pull up to, check your gas tank indicator.

Most cars have a small white or backlit triangle that indicates the side of the car with the gas tank panel. If you’re in a brain fog after twelve hours of driving, this little reminder can spare you some small frustrations.

Toggle Cruise Control

When you’re driving long distances, you sit in the driver’s seat hour after hour. If you’re trying to make it a long way before stopping, you know the struggle of pushing past joint discomfort. You should toggle cruise control on and off throughout the drive to make the trip more enjoyable.

While you should always be in control of the vehicle, you can let the automobile do a bit of work for you. Cruise control will use a car’s processors to maintain your locked-in speed, regardless of the terrain. Want to give your foot a break and stretch your driving leg? Use cruise control to give your feet some space.

Consider Using Overdrive

If your vehicle comes equipped with overdrive, you should use this while on long stretches of flat and open roads. Knowing when to turn overdrive on or off will make your car more fuel-efficient and keep your focus on the road.

Knowing about these five hidden car features you may not know existed will keep you safer and more comfortable on the road. Remember to check your owner’s manual for more tips that will keep your driving experience pleasant.

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