5 Fun Vacation Ideas for the Summer of 2022

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About six in ten Americans are planning a trip this summer. For many, Covid lockdowns and a chance to get ‘back to normal’ are driving the urge to go on vacation. Fun vacation ideas create family memories that can last a lifetime. 

Trip ideas for summer can include cruises, amusement parks, and national parks. Sit down with the entire family to plan a vacation and get everyone’s input about what they want to see and do. 

Here’s a look at five fun vacation ideas for this summer.

1. Cruises 

A cruise is a great trip idea for you and the whole family. Once you get on the ship, you enjoy great food and drinks, and you only have to unpack once! Cruise ships are full of fun activities that stop at exotic locations.

Your cruise cost depends on the type of cruise package you select and your destination. 

2. Amusement Parks 

Trip ideas that include amusement parks mean thrill rides and cotton candy! When you go on vacation, amusement parks are great because there are rides and attractions for all ages. Some of America’s top theme parks have some of the most fantastic entertainment! 

Vacation planning to include an amusement park should also take into account different parts of the park over several days. Some amusement parks have camping areas, so you can skip the hotel and save a few bucks. 

3. National Parks

National parks get almost 300,000 visitors each year. When you are trip planning, national parks allow you to see the country’s natural wonders and wildlife. You can go hiking, fishing, camping, and even see wildlife when you vacation in a national park.

If you plan a vacation to a national park, take your camera and prepare yourself for breathtaking views and incredible landscapes! National parks are relatively low-cost to visit.

4. Cities

Vacation planning in an urban environment allows you to explore America’s greatest cities. Top-notch entertainment, museums, architecture, and great food are all things you can make a part of your vacation planning in big cities. You can also find great hotel deals with plenty of beautiful amenities.

Big cities also have great transportation systems, making it easier to get around!

5. Beaches

A great beach lets you relax with a drink in your hand as you watch the ocean waves! When you plan a vacation at the beach, there’s fun for the whole family, thanks to boardwalks, thrill rides, and miniature golf. 

Even a rainy day at the beach allows for fun vacation ideas. Many beach towns have movie theaters and wonderful restaurants to visit when the weather isn’t great.

Five Fun Vacation Ideas for This Summer 

After months of school and work, families hunt for fun vacation ideas this summer. Cruises, amusement parks, national parks, cities, and beaches are all great places!

Are you looking for fun vacation ideas, regardless of the season? Please read our website for the best places to pack your suitcase and sunglasses for a great time!  

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