5 Best Airlines on a Budget in the United States

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Planning a trip can be hectic, and booking flights are known to be one of the most challenging (and expensive) aspects of this process. While driving is always an option, most of the time it costs the same as flying and can end up wasting time you could have spent relaxing and exploring.

Luckily, there are plenty of airlines who offer affordable flights, so you can arrive at your vacation destination in a timely manner while saving money. Here are what we consider to be five of the best airlines on a budget; if you’re looking to fly domestically, we recommend you book a flight with one of these providers.


If you are looking for more leg room, JetBlue may be the flight for you. JetBlue’s economy flights have 32-33 inches of seat pitch—compared to United’s 31 and American’s 31-32. JetBlue also offers free Wi-Fi, a great snack selection, and free movies.


Baggage charges can be one of the most expensive fees when flying with most airlines, but not with Southwest. The airline allows two free checked bags, which includes items such as golf bags and skis. Another perk you’ll receive when flying Southwest is the airline has no cancellation fees.


Many hold Spirit airlines in high regard for their affordable flights which come with the basic essentials every traveler needs. If you can keep yourself occupied for the duration of your trip and don’t need any fancy additions, Spirit is the airline for you.


Not only do Frontier planes sport cool designs, but they also offer fares at an affordable price. Similar to Spirit, Frontier offers the bare bones of what you would want out of a flying experience. Frontier is perfect for those who are looking to save as much money as they can when traveling to their destination.


Allegiant flies to over 100 airports in the United States and remains one of the best airlines on a budget. If you want to spend less and don’t mind bringing your own snacks or first-come-first-serve seating—Allegiant is a great option—especially if you are taking a last-minute trip.

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