4 Safety Tips Before Driving in the Mountains

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Taking the road less traveled can lead to unbeatable sites on any driving trip, but there can also be various dangers. When you search out these breathtaking sites in the mountains, driving safety is imperative. Some stretches of road may not have guardrails, and others have roads with sharp turns. Jot down these four safety tips before driving in the mountains to make your driving adventure safe.

Drive Slow

While you may speed on the highway, don’t do this in the mountains. Sharp turns are fairly common, and by driving recklessly, your safety and that of other drivers are at risk. Because of this, moving slowly is one of the most important safety tips before driving in the mountains.

Use the brakes on sharp turns and remain cautious. For ideal vehicle control, most recommend coasting through and braking early. Some stretches of road may be wet, while others may not have guardrails. Take your time and keep your eyes open for any sudden changes.

Prepare for Emergencies

Pack an emergency kit and keep it in the car so that you remain prepared for various situations. Always keep this in your vehicle with gear for everything from bad weather to car accidents. Frequent travelers say you should pack this kit with:

  • Food and water
  • First aid equipment
  • Spare clothing
  • A flashlight

This isn’t all you need because you should also have a few necessary items for your vehicle, like jumper cables and a spare tire. Getting roadside assistance in the mountains may not be possible, so you need to take precautions.


You may find yourself without a cellular signal. If you need to make a call, try getting out of your car and walking around if it’s safe. Many who hit the road regularly recommend getting a cellular signal booster because there are many benefits of owning one. This boosts your signal to keep you connected and makes every adventure a safe one!

Check All Car Essentials

Before you go on your drive through the mountains, give your car a once-over to ensure it’s up for the trip. You may need to pay a visit to your mechanic to check the brakes and transmission. You should prepare your vehicle for all seasons because while it may be a warm summer day, it could snow at higher elevations.

Take Breaks

The drive may feel a bit stressful at times, especially if it’s a long one. For this reason, you should take a regular break, especially if this is an extended road trip. Remember, it’s better to take your time and arrive safely than to rush and drive tired, so enjoy the beauty and stay safe!

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