4 Questions To Ask Before Buying a Cottage

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Like with a home, there are a few questions to ask before buying a cottage to ensure you make the right purchase. While some cottages are in small neighborhoods, others are off the grid and may not have access to water. Ask the right questions as you search for the perfect property!

Is There Running Water?

Some cottages don’t have access to running water, and others do, but it may not be safe to drink, so ask about this before buying the property. You may have to drill a well and treat water before it’s safe to drink.

Of course, if the home has water lines, you should ask about when the homeowners installed and last repaired them. Depending on the age of the plumbing system, you may need to make repairs. Also, determine whether the property has sewer lines or a septic system—most have the latter, specifically off-the-grid cottages.

Is There Cell Reception?

You may not have a reliable cellular signal, which means dropped calls, texts that don’t send, and slow data speeds. This is frustrating, but also a bit dangerous since it creates a communication barrier between you and the outside world. Luckily, you can easily improve reception in your cottagewith tech devices like cellular boosters.

How’s the Weather?

Find out how each season impacts your new home away from home. More specifically, find out about:

  • Winter in the area: Heavy snowstorms are dangerous, and you’ll need a good heating system to stay warm.
  • Common natural disasters: Some areas see more tornados, earthquakes, wildfires, or other disasters.
  • Ease of access: Sometimes, roads close due to maintenance or dangerous weather conditions.

Each of these could give you a clue into whether this property is worth the asking price. Driving in heavy rain or snowstorms is dangerous, but you also don’t want to leave your cottage empty for months.

Are Repairs Needed?

Depending on the age of the cottage, you may need to make some repairs to doors, windows, and other parts of the property. It’s also a good idea to ask about the plumbing as well as the HVAC system, since both could need replacements soon. Ask about this as you look at homes, so you have information to compare among the top contenders.

While a home may seem perfect outside, it may need various repairs, and these fees add up in a hurry. If you feel you’ve found the ideal cottage, hire an inspector to evaluate it.

Pro Tip

Narrowing your decision becomes easier when you know what questions to ask before buying a cottage, so make a list of pros and cons after visiting each cottage on your list. The more information you include, the easier it becomes to compare it to all your other choices.

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