4 Good Places To Sleep in Your Van Camper

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The life of a person with a camper van involves a lot of flexibility to have a good time while traveling and remain self-sustainable. One of the challenges of living in a camper van is finding a secure resting spot after a long day of driving. There are multiple spots where you could stay indoors and outdoors, but only a select few offer the most reliability.

Street Parking In Residential Neighborhoods

It is legal to sleep in a residential neighborhood out of your van. As long as you don’t break any laws and don’t make a lot of noise, you won’t have anything to worry about. Street parking makes a great place to sleep in your van camper due to its convenience and allows you to have a secure place to rest and remain ready for getting back on the road. Look for any signs with time limitations on parking or requiring a permit, so you don’t get a ticket.

A 24-Hour Store

Multiple 24-hour stores will let you park overnight, as long as they don’t have a sign that says otherwise. These places are one of the many known tips and tricks for van camping and act as great places for stealth camping. They are also convenient places to stock up on food or buy a meal from the hot deli.

Across From a Police Station

Sometimes, sleeping in your van may be scary due to the mystery of the night, which is why areas where you won’t expect a lot of trouble, such as police stations, are ideal for van camping. You can’t sleep in the police station parking lot overnight, but you can find nearby street parking across the street or close to it. Having the police nearby will give you a secure feeling in case something goes wrong, or if you find yourself under threat. You may not want to stay for too long if the police consider it loitering.

Rest Stops

A rest stop is a place to restock and fill your tank, but they also make good places to sleep in your camper. The rest stop will have plenty of lights to see your surroundings at night. And if you ever stay up late to stream movies, there are plenty of snacks and beverages inside that will fulfill your needs. There will be other vans and RVs around the rest stop, so if you ever have van trouble, you have nearby help.

You don’t have to always rely on a campground for a place to rest, as multiple areas allow you to stay overnight. Utilize these locations when you need a break from the road and a nice place to stop and sleep.

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