37 Places You’ve Never Heard Of But Need To Visit

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Stuck for holiday inspiration this year? This list is the ultimate guide to finding that unique destination you never would have considered before. Suitable for a range of budgets, there’s something for every type of traveller who’s looking to try something new. 

Tropea, Italy

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I always enjoy the smaller, quirky areas of places when I travel, and had recently found out about Tropea’s Monastery of Santa Maria dell’Isola and I thought it was so stunning that I booked a trip there immediately, set to fly the next month. When I arrived, I was shocked to see that not many tourists were there. A few local families were there, but nowhere near as many tourists as you’d see in other places like it. From far away, it looks picturesque and it’s still just as gorgeous close up. It’s one of the best places to visit that nobody really knows about.


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The most beautiful place in the world. The stunning and varied scenery across the country, especially the mountain view. Breathtaking. Here’s a mountain view from the country. Mind you, this is normal during my whole trip to the country. A wide range of activities. Whether you are an adventurous traveler or seeking an interesting culture, Kyrgyzstan gets you covered. You can travel the 5 stans altogether if you want, or, pick a horse riding session. On top of that, you can buy a funny hat called, The Kalpak – or Ak Kalpak. Historical reason. As part of the silk road, Kyrgyzstan has a number of interesting temples and heritage from the old age. Furthermore, the country also gains a few when they are under the iron curtain, the former soviet union.

Corisco Island

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There is a reason you have never heard about Corisco Island, it is almost undiscovered by ordinary tourists.. In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, you will enjoy the white sandy beaches alone and if you are lucky enough, you can sight Yubarta whales during mating season. If you are looking to discover a hidden jewel in Central Africa, you should definitely consider visiting Corisco Island.

Ureka waterfalls

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Ureka waterfalls represent the soul of Bioko Island in Equatorial Guinea. With three waterfalls in sequence surrounded by the forest, the human footprint is conspicuous by its absence. Take the opportunity to sleep in the available tents on the beach and admire the leatherback turtle spawning. The perfect spot to become one with the mother nature

American Samoa

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American Samoa is the southernmost territory of the United States. Due to its isolation, it gets a very small number of annual tourists. Apart from tropical beaches and lush rainforests, the territory is home to friendly Samoans who are very proud of their heritage. Nature-lovers can enjoy miles of signposted hikes with the National Park of American Samoa, the southernmost national park in the US. Beach lovers should take a short flight to the island of Ofu, home to what is arguably the prettiest tropical beach in the world. The coral reef off this beach is in pristine condition, frequently visited by marine biologists due to the coral’s health and ability to bounce back from bleaching. This is truly the closest thing to paradise on Earth.

Siquijor, Philippines

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Filled with unspoiled beaches and marine sanctuaries, Siquijor island in the Philippines is definitely a hidden gem! If you’re into slow travel and laid back beach towns, you’re going to love the uncrowded white sandy beaches and Gatorade-blue waterfalls found here.

Dalhousie, India

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Travellers and tourists to India, often visit during the winters months, as they presume that the country is blazing hot during the other time of the year. However, here is a place in the lap of the inner Himalayas, that has favourable weather all year round, although it does snow a couple of times during the winter months. It is still a pleasant place to travel and explore.

Veliky Novgorod , Russia

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Saint Petersburg and Moscow are definitely touristy, however, it is in the smaller Russian towns like Veliky Novgorod that one comes to understand the real Russia. Touted as a place older than Russia itself, and, as the birthplace of present Russia, Veliky Novgorod is a gorgeous puny town that falls midway between Saint Petersberg and Moscow. The Kremlin at Veliky Novgorod is bestowed with the UNESCO World heritage tag and with innumerable beautiful churches and places of interest, it is definitely one of the ‘best places to travel you’ve never heard of’

The Azores, Portugal

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This area is little discovered by tourists. It’s a paradise – garden of eden – a place of the most breathtaking beauty. 9 small islands of which Unesco designated 3 as biospheres, and the archipelago also contains 13 Ramsar sites and over 30 Blue Flag beaches. Whales can be seen off the coast and the diversity of marine life is simply astounding. The islands’ topography, lakes, caves, hot springs and so much more are unspoiled and reminiscent of fantasy books.

Parc Natural Livradois Forez

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The last surviving region of unspoilt ‘picture book’ France – rediscover your inner child (or Julia Child) in the region most famous for not only its cheese, but nicknamed the produce basket of France. The home of teenage Coco Chanel and the birthplace of French Gastronomy.

Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

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While the Great Barrier Reef is world-renowned, on Australia’s other oceanic coastline there is coral system that boasts just as much marine life, but a lot fewer tourists. The fringing reef in Ningaloo Marine Park is 260 km long, a rainbow of colour, and home to manta rays, reef sharks and an abundance of tropical fish. It’s also easily accessible, in Turquoise Bay the coral reef is just metres from the shore. If you head to Ningaloo between March and July it’s likely that you will be able to swim with whale sharks, the world’s biggest fish, and from November to March see turtles nest on the beaches, with their hatchlings dashing down to the sea from January onwards. The gateway to the Ningaloo Marine Park is the town of Exmouth, which is 1,250 km north of Perth. The journey itself is well worth it, to meet the bottle-nosed dolphins in Monkey Mia and gaze upon the mysterious Pinnacles in the Nambung National Park.

The Marina Alta, Spain

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The Marina Alta is a region nestled between Valencia and Alicante on Spain’s eastern coast. Surrounded by some of the busiest tourist destinations in Europe, this haven of rugged coast, hidden bays and dramatic mountains is one of the most beautiful parts of Spain. Visit for year round sunshine, fantastic off the beaten path hiking, road cycling to rival France and delicious local food and wine, grown and served with a huge dose of traditional Spanish hospitality.

Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

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Slovenia is already under the radar for most travelers, but Lake Bohinj is a pearl among many in this country. It sits in the UNESCO Bio Reserve of Triglav national Park in the heart of the Julian Alps, an impressive range of high peaks and pine-clad slopes. The area around the lake is perfect for those seeking an adventure immersed in nature. Hikers enjoy empty trails with breathtaking mountain views. It’s also a fantastic culinary destination with small cheese producers and other homemade products. Lake Bohinj was recently listed by European Best Destination as Europe’s number one Hidden Gem.

Besançon, France

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Besançon, the capital of the Franche-Comté region, has a wealth of tourist attractions. The most visited of these is the Citadel – a UNESCO World Heritage site – a magnificent example of seventeenth-century military architecture. It’s easily walkable and quietly charming, with an infusion of energy from its university students and a jolt of creaminess from world-famous and locally produced Comté cheese, often found in the form of fondue. There’s plenty to do, including the Citadelle, a 17th-century fortress that houses several museums, including the Museum of French Resistance and Deportation; the Natural History Museum (that oddly has a zoo among other collections); and the Comtois Museum. What there are not: crowds of international tourists.


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Scholars sometimes refer to Hampi as the Angkor Wat of India. Hampi is one of the most fascinating, yet lesser known, historical sites in the world. The ancient town was the capital of as many as four royal dynasties in the 13th and 14th centuries AD. At its peak, Hampi was one of the richest cities of the world as the capital of the Vijayanagar empire of India. Today, visitors love Hampi for its ancient temples and royal enclave, still standing after all these years. The town is also associated with the epic Ramayana, as it is considered the birthplace of Hanuman, the Monkey God. Today, Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Kasol, India

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Perched in the Himalayas, this idyllic valley is known for Israeli tourists who stay there for prolonged durations. The fresh air, misty mountains and treks to explore nearby will keep your dog occupied and engaged. If you are looking for camping at virtually free (considering you earn in Dollars), this would make for one of the best trips.

Bariloche, Argentina

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Located in a former Swiss settlement in the mountainous Patagonia region of Argentina, Bariloche is a romantic yet family-friendly choice in either the summer or winter. Not only is Bariloche home to one of South America’s premier ski resorts, Cerro Catedral, it’s a skier’s paradise with opportunities to ski tour to the picturesque Refugio Frey and for backcountry skiing. In the summer, enjoy all that the Lakes District of Argentina has to offer, from hiking through Nahuel Huapi National Park or summiting nearby Volcan Lanin. Bariloche lies on the famous Route 40 highway (Ruta 40) that winds it ways along lakes, glaciers, and many national parks. It’s a stunning, hidden gem with endless adventures to offer. Plus, if you love food, you can’t miss Argentina’s amazing steaks, chocolate, local Patagonian breweries, internationally renowned ice cream shops, and of course, the Malbec wine. For a splurge, stay at the luxurious Llao Llao Hotel, most recently visited by former President Obama.

Long Beach Island, New Jersey

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I’ve traveled all around the world from Asia to Australia to Europe but nothing is as great as the beach I grew up on Long Beach Island. An 18-mile island off the coast of New Jersey, there’s a spot for families, millennials, and even someone looking for luxury. In addition to the beach which lines the west side of the island (the bay on the east side), there are restaurants, clothing stores, mini-golf, a lighthouse, and a mini waterpark and amusement park. While there’s everything you would’ve hope for in a beach town, the views off the coast.


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Living on a boat, I spend a lot of time in the water either snorkeling or diving. While we visited many, many islands around the world, and especially in the South Pacific, Fakarava is the gold-standard for underwater life. The coral beds stretch as far as the eye can see. Fish life is plentiful and the geography of the atoll makes it a really interesting place to swim. The waters are crystal-clear and reef sharks are plentiful in the pass of the atoll. As the water is clear and depth varies, Fakarava is a perfect place to explore for both divers and snorkelers. Fakarava is an atoll in the Tuamotus archipelago of French Polynesia. It has a small airport, accessible from Tahiti.

Caesarea, Israel

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Named for the great Augustus Caesar by King Herod, Caesarea is a coastal treasure known for both its beautiful beaches and impressive archeological sites. The small yet modern city is proud of their history having one time served as the capital of the Judea Province under the Roman Empire. In fact, Caesarea is home to one of the Roman Empire’s most impressive engineering feats, a manmade harbor that at its time was the largest that had ever been built on the open sea and could accommodate roughly 300 ships. Today, that harbor is part of the Underwater Archeological Park, a park that is one of the first of its kind in the world. Both amateur and professional divers are invited to visit the park and marvel at the remains of this once bustling port. Some of the exhibits one can see include a Roman shipwreck and the ruins of a lighthouse. When you’re back on land there’s still plenty more to see and do. If you’re up for more history make your way over to the remains of the Roman amphitheater which once hosted gladiatorial games accommodating crows of thousands of people. Afterwards be sure to visit the impressive Hadrianic aqueduct which supplied water to the town for roughly 1,200 years. Once you’ve had your fill of history, Caesarea Aqueduct Beach is actually quite beautiful and attracts a crowd on the weekends, so definitely take some time to enjoy a bit of sand and sea.

Safed, Israel

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With its charming cobble stones streets and blue colored houses, the Israeli town of Safed (Tzfat) is a beguiling place that will leave you reminiscing about this Bohemian city. Located in Northern Israel, Safed is rooted in history having been a fortified city in the Crusader’s Kingdom of Jerusalem.. The city is also considered a center for the practice of Kabbalah drawing in visitors, both Israeli and foreign travelers, seeking spiritual serenity. Safed’s most popular neighborhoods include the Old Jewish Quarter and the Artists’ Quarter. The Old Jewish Quarter boasts over 32 synagogues and serves as an important site for the foundation of Kabbalah. While visiting the Old Jewish Quarter a must-see is the Abuhav Synagogue. The Artists’ Quarter offers a vibrant scene dominated by galleries and boutiques, and has served a center for creativity, gaining recognition in the 1950s and 60s as Israel’s art capital. A popular artisan shop is Safed Candles which is regarded for their wax artworks and stunning wax menorahs.

Pagosa Springs, Colorado

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Pagosa Springs, Colorado is an under-the-radar destination nestled in the spectacular San Juan mountains of southern Colorado. It’s namesake thermal hot springs are a draw for locals and visitors, but it is also a fantastic place to visit for its equally remarkable outdoors scene. Surrounded by the 3-million-acre San Juan National Forest, you can earn your hot springs soak with plentiful outdoor adventures. Hike to waterfalls, mountain bike the high country singletrack, or kayak the San Juan River. In winter, outdoor enthusiasts can ski at nearby Wolf Creek Ski Area, or snowshoe the many trails in the nearby National Forest.

Punta del Diablo, Uruguay

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Uruguay is a very small country between Brazil and Argentina. Punta del Diablo is a protected, majorly undeveloped strip of coast with white beaches and great waves for surfers. It is really peaceful since there is no electricity, wifi is scarce and there is no bus line that gets to it, you have to trekk a good portion of the way to reach the Airbnb available places to stay. It is also hard to get a spot during high season unless you book it in advance since it is super popular and there aren’t that many places to stay. Feeling like you need to detox from all the tech and connectedness in your life? Definitely the place for you. Oh, beware, marihuana is not illegal in Uruguay so you might be surrounded by legal cannabis smokers.

Buellton, CA

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Buellton is located just north of Santa Barbara in the heart of the Santa Ynez Valley Wine Country and just 10 miles from the beautiful Pacific Ocean on Highway 101. The town of Buellton was a main character in the Academy-Award winning film “Sideways,” as Miles & Jack’s stayed in what is now the Sideways Inn. During the film, it was a Days Inn, but was purchased and completely turned around into a luxury boutique hotel. This trip brings travelers to iconic spots made famous in the movie “Sideways,” with a stay at the Sideways Inn and dinner at The Hitching Post II, wine tasting at Alma Rosa Winery and fun adventures at Ostrichland. 15 years since this film came out and these locations still draw a crowd today. Travelers Experience Hasn’t Really Changed: The great thing about this trip is Buellton as a destination didn’t have to change much of the wine country experience travelers were already enjoying. The destination has always been social distancing friendly, with the main tourist attractions being outdoors. Once guests have done their Sideways stops, they can visit places like Mendenhall Museum, the largest petroliana collection on the West Coast, who has all their race cars, antique racing memorabilia and more outdoors for guests to roam freely (private tours are available). All restaurants and wineries are operating outdoors, guests enjoy food and wine with the St Rita Mountains in the backdrop. Sideways Inn’s sister property Flying Flags RV Resort is another great social distancing lodging option, with parking spots for travelers who bring their own RV but also include over 50+ lodging options including vintage trailers, safari tents, cabins and more for those interested in glamping. There are two pools, bocce ball court, horseshoes area, sports field, and a playground for everyone to enjoy.


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I suggest people travel to Batanes in the Philippines. The Batanes group of islands is in the Philippines’ northernmost region and boasts beautiful untouched landscapes that bridge the beauty of the sea and fields. Batanes is also an exceptional choice for people who want a detox from technology because there are limited mobile connections within the area, so tourists can focus on becoming one with nature during their stay.

Whitehaven Beach

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Located off the coast of tropical Queensland, Australia, amongst the archipelago of the Whitsunday Island’s, Whitehaven Beach is the single most incredible spectacle I’ve witnessed in almost four years of travel. The viewpoint at Hill Inlet overlooks Whitehaven Beach, showcasing an incredible combination of swirling golden sand & tropical turquoise waters. Couple this with the fact that it borders the iconic Great Barrier Reef & is alive with an underwater paradise of marine life, this is a truly once in a lifetime experience.

Dumaguete, Philippines

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Dumaguete is a small university town in the Philippines, about a 1.5 hour flight from Manila. Only about 120,000 people. The city itself has inexpensive Western conveniences you need (easy access to $5 restaurant meals and furnished apartments costing $250 per month). More importantly, the central location puts you in the middle of the amazing nature experiences. Swim with families of sea turtles- a short 30-minute boat ride puts you in the middle of a field of seagrass, where dozens of sea turtles graze. The crystal clear and shallow water means a snorkel mask is the only ticket you need to watch sea turtles in their natural habitat. Whale watching encounter with Whale Sharks- Another short 30-minute boat ride gives you a front-row seats to 40-foot Whale Sharks. Contrary to the name, whale sharks are actually the world’s largest fish. Whatever you call them, it’s amazing to see.

Fort Dauphin, Madagascar

This product was recommended by Michelle Endo from Wander Eat Write

Fort Dauphin is a hidden gem where you can wake up in a tropical beach bungalow, walk mere minutes down to a beach entirely to yourself, and be surrounded by lemur reserves. It’s the perfect laidback getaway from the usual bustling tourist destinations with endless beaches, picturesque mountains, and unique animals to enjoy without the crowds.

Xcalak, Mexico

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Xcalak is a remote village on the southernmost tip of the Yucatan Peninsula. With a population of just 400 locals, you will always find a quiet stretch of beach to enjoy without being disturbed by tourists. The area is undeveloped because of the Xcalak Reef National Park. Along this stretch of the Caribbean Sea, there are no large resorts or hoards of tourists. Less than 500 yards off the shore is the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, which is the second-largest reef in the world. Understandably, the snorkeling and diving in Xcalak are fantastic. It’s the place to go if you crave a peaceful vacation on a warm beach in Mexico.

Wind River Range, Wyoming

This product was recommended by Ralph Cope from The Broke Backpacker

The Wind River Range is only 100 miles away from the crowded outdoor meccas of the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone; yet it couldn’t be more different. With far fewer crowds, more local flair, and equally beautiful landscapes, the Wind River Range is the best alternative to those looking to escape the usual madness of Wyoming’s national parks. Pinedale is the main launching point into the Range and is a charming little town filled with cowboys and climbers. From here, people make trips to the superlative Titcomb Basin or the Cirque of the Towers. Both are among the best hikes in the USA.

Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa

This product was recommended by Ralph Cope from The Broke Backpacker

Quite frankly, these are among the most spectacular mountains in the entire world, and no one knows where or what they are. Featuring Dolomite-esque towers, rock walls 3000 feet tall, and serrated ridges which have inspired the name of the range (Drakensberg means The Dragon Mountains in Afrikaans), there is really nothing quite like the Berg. Best of all: there’s hardly anyone in sight! The only people that usually make it here are adventurous South Africans and Lesotho herdsmen and the latter make up the grand majority.

Hannibal, Missouri

This product was recommended by Shannon Serpette from Mom Loves Best

My pick would be Hannibal, Missouri. I live three hours away from there and have been to Hannibal for five weekend trips and a recent week-long trip. But whenever I tell people where I’m going, they ask me where it is and what’s there. They’ve never heard of it. Hannibal is a great place for adults, families, retirees, and literary buffs to visit. It has the boyhood home of author Mark Twain that you can visit. And you can go on tours at the Mark Twain Cave, which was one of the main settings in his book, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. It was also a reputed hideout for outlaw Jesse James. There are many quaint shops and restaurants in Hannibal, as well as a couple of wineries. And just a 30-minute drive away is the huge Mark Twain Lake. It’s a haven for boaters, with a couple of great marinas. There are also public beaches and campgrounds on the lake.

Hakone, Japan

This product was recommended by Chris Fernandez from Women’s Health Interactive

Hakone is a sleepy little town in Japan, a short bullet train ride from Tokyo that feels as if you are in a completely different country. The region sits atop natural hot springs and volcanic activity, and the area has many hotels that have private “onsens” (hot spring or “bath”) in the rooms of your hotel that have a constant flow of hot spring water being fed into them from deep within the earth. On top of that, the area is peaceful, beautiful and offers full day excursions to the surrounding areas with amazing sites and vistas via boat (via Lake Ashi); Sky-tram, train and bus. Take your time, relax in your room, and then tour the area for a restful journey to a place not many think of when visiting Japan.

Two Harbors, Catalina Island

This product was recommended by Claire Baltes from Catalina Island Company

Two Harbors is the exact opposite of stereotypical Los Angeles. Its gorgeous coastline, relaxed atmosphere, and rustic charm make it seem miles away from the hustle and bustle of LA. It truly is the outdoor lover’s paradise. With opportunities to hike, bike, camp, kayak, boat, fish, snorkel, SCUBA, and more, Two Harbors is a one-stop shop for nature enthusiasts to experience it all. And, it is just a 22-mile ferry ride away from LA.

Namje, Nepal

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One of the most isolated places I recently found out about was Namje in Nepal. If you love nature just like I do, then you’ll love this village. To get there, you need to walk the footpaths near Mount Makalu, the fifth-tallest peak. It’s so isolated that you can only see wooded hills all around you. Truly a spectacular place to rest and unwind away from it all.

Rarotonga, Cook Islands

This product was recommended by Elizabeth Avery from Solo Trekker 4 U

While it has become pricier since my visit some time ago, it is Pacific Island paradise much less expensive than Tahiti. It retains much authentic flare. Options range from luxury resorts to more budget-friendly ones. You can just relax and go beachcombing or ride horses on the beach and enjoy water sports. It is easy to get here via NZ or Australia. Lastly, it is so remote and exotic you will dine out on the stories for years!

Coeur D’Alene, Idaho

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This city rests between Lake Coeur D’Alene and the mountains in Idaho’s panhandle. The picturesque lake is a hub of activity from boating and water skiing to fishing. Nearby Silverwood Theme Park is fun for the whole family. There are campgrounds located around the Lake, and there are a wide variety of hotels and resorts. The city prides itself on its beautiful golf courses and it’s a great place to play.

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