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32 Practical Travel Accessory Gifts For Frequent Travellers 2019

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Traveling can be the best thing in the world, but if you are stuck in front of a kid kicking your aeroplane chair, it might seem like the worst.

We might not be able to stop that kid kicking, but we can help you in other ways. Here are 32 super practical travel accessory gifts.

#1 PortaPocket WaistBelt & XL Pocket Kit

The PortaPocket WaistBelt & XL Pocket Kit travel product recommended by Kendra Kroll on Lifney.

Best travel wearable for versatility, safety and convenience! Outwit pickpockets and bag snatchers, and always keep your cell, passport, etc ON your body. 100% modular, so pocket works on your own belt too. Wear almost ANYwhere on your body, with more interchangeable pieces (simply search for PortaPocket on amazon)

Learn more or buy here.

#2 Trtl Neck Support Travel Pillow

The Trtl Neck Support Travel Pillow travel product recommended by Caleb Backe on Lifney.

This may look like a scarf, but it actually has hidden neck support inside. It’s supposed to help keep your head in the best position while you’re sleeping and also traveling. The best part is that it’s machine washable, so you don’t need to worry if you get some drool on it. It’s easy to attach to the handle of your luggage. It’s so light and compact, you won’t even question if you should bring it on every trip. This is a must for any traveler.

Learn more or buy here.

#3 Water-to-Go Filter Water Bottle

The Water-to-Go Filter Water Bottle travel product recommended by Tanya Korteling on Lifney.

“A Water-to-Go Filter Water Bottle is ideas for anyone who travels. It filters 99.9% of water contaminants including bad tastes meaning it can be refilled from practically anywhere.

Not only does this bottle provide a reliable source of safe drinking water but it also reduces the use of single use plastic bottles, so makes the perfect travel gift for the environmentally conscious.

A 15% discount code that can be used at checkout is CTWT15”

Learn more or buy here.

#4 Reefsafe sunscreen from rawelements

The Reefsafe sunscreen from rawelements travel product recommended by Jule Eisendick on Lifney.

I recommend this product for every beach and ocean fan out there. A reef safe sunscreen that doesn’t harm corals and ocean wild life is a must have for everyone that like to swim, dive, surf, or snorkel in the ocean

Learn more or buy here.

#5 HubPlus

The HubPlus travel product recommended by myCharge on Lifney.

The HubPlus is an all-in-one portable charger that provides up to 4x extra battery life for devices. The charger features a built-in Apple Lightning cable as well as a micro-USB cable so users don’t have to worry about bringing along extra charging cords. The HubPlus also has built-in wall prongs on the back to directly recharge the unit.

Learn more or buy here.

#6 Doppel Bag

The Doppel Bag travel product recommended by Dylan Self on Lifney.

Wurkin Stiffs Doppel Bags are the best Dopp Kits a guy could own. Their 100% Silicone Construction assures that if something springs a leak inside it wont make a mess outside.

Learn more or buy here.

#7 Vegan Leather Travel Case

The Vegan Leather Travel Case travel product recommended by Jazmin Alvarez on Lifney.

The perfect carry all for your toiletries when you travel. Not only is this travel cosmetics case functional, it’s ethically sourced using vegan leather that looks and feels like the real thing.

Learn more or buy here.

#8 Card Caddy

The Card Caddy is the ONLY playing card case that turns into a discard tray so you can keep your cards safe, then play anywhere, anytime! Keeps your cards organized, then play a game on a plane or a train; hitting the trail or the road; at the hotel or even on the sofa at home.

Learn more or buy here.

#9 Highlander Inflatable Head Rest

The Highlander Inflatable Head Rest travel product recommended by Lukas at Military 1st on Lifney.

Inflatable headrest provides much-needed comfort while travelling. Such travel pillow eases muscle tension in the neck preventing pain on long journeys. It’s lightweight, easy to inflate and deflate, and foldable so will fit in any bag.

Learn more or buy here.

#10 SportsChic The Tote

The SportsChic The Tote travel product recommended by Karin Shoup on Lifney.

Two words – “Easy Access”. Travel from plane to train with style and functionality, the Tote easily slides under the plane seat in front of you. The high quality, UV protected, waterproof vegan pebble grain exterior is durable and easy to clean. The four insulated exterior easy access pockets keep drinks hot or cold like your favorite bottle waters even bubbly, sunnies, keys, passport, boarding pass and cell and you’re ready. The waterproof, antimicrobial black nylon spacious interior offers handy mesh pockets, a secure zipper pocket and convenient key clip leash – change out of gym to streetwear in a snap. Pack your tech devices in the padded compartment and “Bon Voyage”!.

Learn more or buy here.

#11 Busy Girl Bangles

The Busy Girl Bangles travel product recommended by Go Girl Designs on Lifney.

Busy Girl Bangles conveniently hold a hair tie and prevents it from hurting wrists or leaving painful red marks. The bracelets are perfect for long flights, sightseeing or hanging out at the beach.

Learn more or buy here.

#12 Ultrasonic Travel Essential Oil Diffuser by Campo

The Ultrasonic Travel Essential Oil Diffuser by Campo travel product recommended by Jazmin Alvarez on Lifney.

The perfect vessel to bring a bit of home and serenity when you travel. This compact travel essential oil diffuser is perfect for your hotel and compact enough for your carry on.

Learn more or buy here.

#13 CalPak Packing Cubes

The CalPak Packing Cubes travel product recommended by Katy Winter on Lifney.

CalPak Packing Cubes keep your super organized when traveling. When you arrive at your destination you can unzip and slide directly into your drawer. It makes unpacking incredibly easy. Packing cubes help avoid shuffling through a suitcase looking for a particular top or bottom. They have a space for labeling and I recommend packing by category (tops, bottoms, swimwear, etc…)

Learn more or buy here.

#14 The Wrap

The The Wrap travel product recommended by Sally Jane Seck on Lifney.

The Golightly Cashmere Wrap is, according to a review, “heaven on a plane.” Light and warm it will wrap you substantially for the flight and slip into your bag like a dream for later.

Learn more or buy here.

#15 Travel Fusion FlexPack Anti-Theft Backpack

The Travel Fusion FlexPack Anti-Theft Backpack travel product recommended by Martin Stein on Lifney.

Designed with laptops in mind and including external USB and micro USB charging ports, this padded backpack with 18-liter storage capacity also features a TSA-approved lock and retractable, high-strength metal coil to thwart thieves. Winner of the Red Dot and Good Design awards.

Learn more or buy here.

#16 Keysie

The Keysie travel product recommended by Karen Kearsley on Lifney.

Keysie is a luxury leather wallet that keeps your keys and favorite credit cards at your fingertips. It solves the problem of digging out your keys and prevents misplacing keys in her home or office.

Learn more or buy here.

#17 Acme Made Divisadero Traveler Backpack

The Acme Made Divisadero Traveler Backpack travel product recommended by Daneen Kiger on Lifney.

The Acme Made Divisadero Traveler Backpack is modern, lightweight and a travel friendly bag. Plenty of storage for all your work and travel needs. Transition from the office to jet setting off without the need for another bag. Divisadero Traveler Backpack offers ample storage, padded shoulder and back support. All while having the security and peace of mind that your devices are protected in our padded and quilted pocket.

Learn more or buy here.

#18 Brilliant Lumi Travel Sonic Toothbrush

This compact toothbrush is perfect for traveling. The Brilliant Lumi Travel Toothbrush with Sonic Vibration has over 20,000 micro-fine soft bristles and removes 2x more plaque than an ordinary toothbrush. It only requires one AAA battery so you don’t need to worry about the hassle of charging cords while you travel. Slip the Brilliant toothbrush in your purse, bag, or suitcase and the ventilated hygiene cap will keep it clean for on-the-go use.

Learn more or buy here.


The The RAINRAP travel product recommended by Rachel Teyssier & Stacy Struminger on Lifney.

“The RAINRAP is a lightweight, easy to pack, hands free alternative to a raincoat or umbrella.

The hooded RAINRAP weighs 8 ounces and comes with a travel pouch that fits in your handbag, glove compartment or suitcase.

The RAINRAPS are waterproof and have a double-sided button closure for reversibility. One size fits most. Machine washable.”

Learn more or buy here.

#20 Cruise Power Strip

The Cruise Power Strip travel product recommended by Olivier Ganeff on Lifney.

Cruise Power Strip (without surge protection) is perfect for anybody that’s heading on a cruise as most cabins only have 1 outlet with 1 plug. It simply isn’t enough to keep everyone’s devices charged. Cruise lines prohibit power strips with surge protection and will confiscate them. Fully compliant with all major cruise line’s safety and security policies.

Learn more or buy here.

#21 BubbleBum Foldable and Ultra Portable Inflatable Car Booster Seat

The BubbleBum Foldable and Ultra Portable Inflatable Car Booster Seat travel product recommended by Anza Goodbar on Lifney.

The BubbleBum foldable and ultra portable inflatable car booster seat is a top road trip essential for kids ages 4-11. It is the perfect way to keep kids safe and comfy throughout all drives, near and far! Little ones will love how it is lightweight and easy to inflate and deflate, so it can be carried in a backpack. BubbleBum is the proven functional equivalent of any rigid car booster seat on the market and it has had to undergo all of the same crash-testing and materials testing as any other car booster seat on the market. BubbleBum inflates in seconds and offers comfort and convenience, without compromise. It retails for $34.99.

Learn more or buy here.

#22 RFID Leather Travel Wallet

The RFID Leather Travel Wallet travel product recommended by Mike Lindamood on Lifney.

Carry all your travel necessities like your passport, credit cards, cash, coins and airline tickets in one convenient spot. Keeps your personal information safe with RFID-blocking technology.

Learn more or buy here.

#23 bblüv Döse Multi-purpose Stackable Containers

The bblüv Döse Multi-purpose Stackable Containers travel product recommended by Anza Goodbar on Lifney.

The compact Döse multipurpose stackable and interchangeable containers are great for carrying snacks or formula milk on the go! Easy to clean in the dishwasher, they feature three compartments with a large storage capacity of 4oz, a protective cap with a flexible silicone handle, and a funnel cap for easy pouring. It is compact enough to fit anywhere and also can be sterilized. Free of BPA, Phthalate, and PVC, the Döse Multipurpose Stackable Containers set retails for $9.99.

Learn more or buy here.

#24 bblüv Sunkitö Anti-UV Pop-Up Play Tent with Mosquito Net

The bblüv Sunkitö Anti-UV Pop-Up Play Tent with Mosquito Net travel product recommended by Anza Goodbar on Lifney.

This handy tent is designed to keep your tots safe from the sun’s rays (SPF 50+), wind, sand, and mosquitos while out and about! It features a pop-up system that makes the folding & unfolding easy, as well as 4 side ventilation openings for perfect air flow. Also has a window with roll-down curtain for extra sun protection when needed, a mosquito tight mesh door with an integrated smart pocket to tuck away, a carry bag, and 3 pegs. Parents will appreciate that it folds flat for easy travel! Retails for $54.99.

Learn more or buy here.

#25 The Carla Suntana Kimono

The The Carla Suntana Kimono travel product recommended by Kenny Flowers on Lifney.

This multi-use Kimono is perfect travelers (swim cover-up, vacation robe, comfy wrap top). It can be worn open, tied by belt or tied up by ends to change the look. Made fresh in Bali, limited edition, 100% rayon kimono with a waist belt, flowy sleeves, and mid-thigh length.

Learn more or buy here.

#26 Psi Bands

The Psi Bands travel product recommended by Romy Taormina on Lifney.

Psi Bands are a clinically-proven, FDA cleared medical device for the relief of nausea due to motion/travel sickness. Up to 90% of people suffer from motion sickness. Psi Bands are drug free, effective, stylish, adjustable for personalized comfort and fit, and waterproof so people can wear them during water activities without waterlogged bands.

Learn more or buy here.

#27 ZUS® Smart Car Charger Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ Edition

The ZUS® Smart Car Charger Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ Edition travel product recommended by nonda on Lifney.

The ZUS Smart Charger is an iF Design Award winner made with soft glow LEDs, military-grade carbon fiber and titanium coating, making it the most durable car charger on the market. The Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 Tech enables charging 2.4 times faster than conventional technology. The charger also connects to nonda’s ZUS® Smart Driving Assistant App (available in both the Apple App Store and Android’s Google Play) which helps the charger save your parking location, monitor car battery, record mileage and set parking meters. It’s the perfect accessory for any road trip.

Learn more or buy here.

#28 Nobl St. Travel Set

The Nobl St. Travel Set travel product recommended by Silvia Ospina on Lifney.

This set includes all natural products perfect for travel including Lavender Moisturizing Lotion, Gentle Body Wash in Cedar Mint Fir, Everyday Mint Shampoo, and Nourishing Conditioner in 2 oz. size. Comes in a zippered travel bag.

Learn more or buy here.

#29 Profile – BLK

The Profile - BLK travel product recommended by Jamie Bartlett on Lifney.

A handmade pair of Banton Frameworks sunglasses is the perfect travel gift for the man who appreciates quality and contemporary craftsmanship.

Learn more or buy here.

#30 Scrubba Wash Bag

The Scrubba Wash Bag travel product recommended by Natalie Simpson on Lifney.

Invented in 2010 to make a Mt Kilimanjaro trek easier, the Scrubba wash bag is the world’s smallest washing machine and the ultimate travel and camping essential, making it the perfect gift for all the travel crazy people in your life. This convenient, pocket-sized travel companion allows you to travel lighter and helps to save money, time and water. It’s the modern take on the old fashioned washboard, but a lot easier, quicker and way more hygienic than a dirty hotel sink!

Learn more or buy here.

#31 Hair Dryer Bag

The Hair Dryer Bag travel product recommended by mod motive on Lifney.

The hair dryer bag is the solution for taking a travel hair dryer on the go, along with any other hair accessories. Perfect for the stylish traveler that likes to keep their luggage organized.

Learn more or buy here.

#32 Sand Cloud Towel

The Sand Cloud Towel travel product recommended by Jane Carroll on Lifney.

This sand-resistant, ultra-absorbent Turkish cotton towel from Sand Cloud is the perfect travel gift. Your loved one can take it to the beach, on a hike, on a picnic or even just use as a light blanket on the plane or in the hotel. It’s lightweight and easy to pack. As a bonus, Sand Cloud even donates a portion of every sale to charities that protect our beaches – something any travel-lover will appreciate!

Learn more or buy here.

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