3 Must-Visit Destinations Abroad for Coffee-Lovers

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Once you’ve explored as many of the local coffee shops in your city as you can find, your addiction to trying new coffee will start to demand tribute yet again. A great way to quiet that caffeinated creature inside of you is to take it on a coffee-inspired vacation. Let’s discuss three must-visit destinations abroad for coffee-lovers looking to take a break from the at-home espresso machine.

Italy: A Coffee Routine Worth Being Scolded For

Italy’s relationship with coffee is complicated—at least, it may seem complicated to those on the outside looking in. In truth, the coffee-drinking culture in Italy is deep, rich, and storied, and with that long history comes some rule0making and rule-breaking.

If you visit Italy for coffee, you’ll find it. You may also get called an idiot for trying to drink a cappuccino after a meal or cause mass panic by tamping your espresso—but you live and you learn. Eventually, after causing enough distress, you’ll learn to do as the Romans do and discover more about the origins of espresso along the way.

The Caribbean: Coffee on the Coast

If visiting the Caribbean was already on your to-do list, now you know that there’s coffee there, too. Barbados is one island in particular you can’t miss out on. With cafés lining the resort-like west coast of the island, you can drink coffee by the ocean until the day runs out in one of the best vacation spots on the globe.

While there are certainly some rules for life in Barbados, the culture on the island is incredibly laid back, and it won’t judge how many lattes you drink in one sitting. Though the island no longer grows coffee, the beans exported from neighboring islands are often high quality—and the incredible views off the coast easily make them even better.

Turkey: Coffee, Culture, and Cezve

Turkey is perhaps the most adventurous of these three must-visit destinations abroad for coffee-lovers. If you haven’t seen it done before, the process of creating the unfiltered, boil-brewed coffee served there is a stunning experience. Coffee is brought to a boil in a cezve or ibrik, heated until it nearly boils over, and then poured and ready to drink. One technique for making Turkish coffee involves putting the cezve not directly over a flame but into sand on a super-heated pan. The sand evens out the heat of the flame and creates an incredible visual for you to enjoy before experiencing this unique style of rich, thick coffee.

Coffee overseas is an entirely different beast, with unique flavor profiles, interesting techniques, and important traditions changing the coffee-drinking game. If you have a deep love for coffee, do yourself a favor and expand your horizons with a quick trip into new coffee territory this year.

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