20 Luxury Destinations You Have to Visit

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Its important to treat ourselves and take a well-deserved break and what better way to do that than with a luxury holiday to one of these 20 beautiful locations. These are certain to deliver an unforgettably unique experience so take a look below for the ultimate holiday inspiration for 2020. 


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Our top pick for luxury accommodation is the properties by Six Senses Bhutan. They currently manage five individual lodges in five separate valleys and each lodge will vary in style from valley to valley, showcase the diversity and special character of each location. A stay at any of the lodges is a chance to experience pure luxury but the best way to expeince Bhutan is to have a tailor made itinerary that includes a stay in each lodge.

Principality of Monaco

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Nestled between the sparkling Mediterranean Sea and the stunning backdrop of the Alps, the sovereign Principality of Monaco offers the essence of Europe – history, elegance, and excitement – in less than a square mile. Celebrate joie de vivre in Monaco, where romance is legendary and the beauty of the Riviera is stone’s throw away. Monaco is a short 30-minute drive from Nice Côte d’Azur International Airport. For a quick and memorable airport transfer, take a 7-minute scenic helicopter journey from the airport to the Principality, à la James Bond. This storied destination features sumptuous spas, Michelin star rated restaurants with world-renowned chefs, a diverse arts and culture scene, prominent nightlife, along with thrilling sports events year-round. Monaco is a country boasting fairytale romance, rich cultural heritage, and world-class hotels. Perceived as a destination for the corps d’élite, the Principality offers a premium luxury experience for great value with pricing on par with other European capitals and Caribbean locales. More than half of Monaco’s hotels rank as 5- and 4-star properties, encompassing historic landmarks, contemporary resorts, and charming boutique hotels. From the best of old world fine dining elegance to the latest organic local farm- and sea-to-table trends, fresh Mediterranean produce and seafood abound to create memorable dining experiences. Dress-to-the-nines for a lavish dinner at one of the seven Michelin star-rated restaurants located within the Principality’s limits.


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The five-star resorts in the Maldives are some of the most luxurious in the world. These picturesque ultra-luxurious resorts are on their own tiny islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The Maldives is famous for its lavish yet understated overwater bungalows that provide direct access to the clam and pristine water below. The villas are so spectacular that you will think you made it to heaven the moment you arrive. The islands are surrounded by white soft sand beaches that invite you to relax and let all your troubles wash away with the tide. Guests dine on fabulous food, are offered an array of activities designed to satisfy adrenaline seekers or those tame at heart. Some of the resorts, like the Six Senses Laamu, offer Guest Experience Makers to handle guest requests and ensure each guest has the vacation of their dreams.

Kudadoo Maldives – Private Island

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If you want to have a unique experience away from the tourist crowds then Kudadoo resort is the ideal place to visit. It was designed by a famous New York architect and combines the japanese traditional design with some of the best modern technologies. It is a perfect getaway for people who want to have some privacy and really experience the best of Maldives and its breathtaking nature.

Negril, Jamaica

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You get your own bungalow encompassed by the Jamaican jungle. The stunning aqua blue beach is across the street with free rental sailboats, paddleboards, paddle boats, etc. Plus endless Jamaican food at the beach or back at the resort. And don’t forget the swim up bar in the pool.


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Croatia is small country located in the southeast Europe and it’s part of European Union, it has 1244 islands with amazing turquoise sea, beautiful pine forests and beaches and rich history. Croatia has mild mediterranean climate and magic gastronomy. Croatia is extremely safe country. this is why Croatia is one of the best yachting and luxury villas locations in the world.

Machu Picchu

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Taking the luxurious Belmond train to Machu Picchu and sleeping at El Pueblo is the most luxurious adventure someone can do!

Los Angeles

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If you are looking to live the luxury life of a celebrity for a week, the City of Angels is place for you. Walking along the Hollywood Walk of Fame and driving by extravagant homes in Beverly Hills is just the beginning. Book a sports car rental with Turo, sleep in a million-dollar mansion in “the hills” (thanks to AirBnB), dine at fancy restaurants (like WP-24 by Wolfgang Puck and Catch LA), and even see other celebrities around town. Best of all, even though this is a luxury trip – it doesn’t need to have a luxury price tag. This is a cost breakdown of how I spent $423.84 for a 6-Night luxury trip to Los Angeles.

Chefchaouen, Morocco

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Chefchaouen: the blue pearl of morocco is tucked up in the Riff mountains. The first thing you are struck by is probably the reason you decided to visit.. Everything is a different shade of indigo. The taxis, streets, walls, doors, benches, planters, utility boxes … it’s all different shades of blue. The decor is visually next level. Walking around Chefchaouen is an exercise in beauty. It’s as if the city is wrapped up in a giant sapphire. Additionally, a slew of casual restaurants, local hiking trails, a funky vibe and a laid-back souk capture the heartbeat of this offbeat gem.

Okavango Delta, Southern Africa

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This is the perfect destination for luxury travel. The safari lodges are small which means the service and activities are customised and are of the highest standard. The game viewing is at the highest level and the accommodation is absolutely perfect. Certainly, as African safaris go, it is the perfect place to experience wild Africa in a not so wild living environment.


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Named the Caribbean’s leading luxury destination in 2016, The Bahamas is the epitome of a luxury destination. Five star resorts on the islands include the Sandals all inclusive resort and the lavish Atlantis casino and hotel resort. With crystal clear waters, white sands and idyllic island hopping, it’s the perfect destination for rest and relaxation.

The Seychelles

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You may have read in magazines about celebrities traveling to The Seychelles, and for good reason. This luxury destination features clear water, magnificent wildlife, and spectacular rainforests. With its perfect temperature year-round, its varied boating options to see the area and its awesome beaches, you’ll easily be able to have a fun, relaxing, romantic, and luxurious vacation in The Seychelles.

Lake Como

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Lake Como is almost the first vacation destination for rich and luxurious people. you can take a boat ride to expolre this amazing landscape and also, you can stay at luxurious hotels that over look the lake There are also many things to do besides exploring the lake, for example you can visit Como Archaeological Museum, Como Cathedral and also you can try the funicular up to Brunate.

Island of Panarea Island, Aeolian Islands, Sicily

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The island of Panarea has been a jet-set and luxury travel destination for decades. This tiny island in the Aegean sea is closed for traffic (allowing only golf carts), and home to only 25 people. You can walk across the island in a day, but even though it’s small, it hosts white boutique hotels and private residencies host luxury travelers from around the world. Panarea snorkeling and diving experiences are amazing, and a reason for frequent stops of luxury yachts that are sailing the Meditteranean. One of the peak experiences you can have is climbing Stromboli, the live, smoking volcano on the island next to Panarea.

Tahiti, French Polynesia

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Tahiti, French Polynesia for the longest pool in the Pacific ocean Having spent a month on the other side of the world, on the island of Tahiti, it might be even better than the nearby island of Bora Bora, which is more famous for its overwater bungalows – but Tahiti has several of them as well! The reason, however, that makes Tahiti an even more luxurious destination than Bora Bora, is the place where I stayed: the very exclusive Carlton Plage accommodation. This private residence has the longest swimming pool in French Polynesia, 180 meters long, that ends right on the only white sand beach of the island of Tahiti – and therefore best beach of the island, with a view on Moorea island in the back. What can be more luxurious than a quiet private residence, the longest pool within a thousands of miles radius, and one of the world’s most beautiful beach in your backyard, with your own private access?

Bluefields Bay Villas

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Bluefields Bay Villas is a collection of six all-inclusive luxury villas, Bluefields Bay Villas is located on Jamaica’s south coast, where the island’s countryside meets the sea. Situated on the hilly coastline overlooking the sea, each open-air private villa is equipped with expansive views, private pools, dedicated butler, maid service and chef, and is designed with antique island charm, allowing the beauty of the island to take center stage. Each villa, ranging from two to six bedrooms, has its own personality, from the palatial-like San Michele house with its private island to the intimate Cottonwood Cottage tucked in the trees.

Rue du Rhône, Geneva, Switzerland

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Switzerland is known for its breath-taking alpine views, enchanting luxury travelers with ski resorts and beautiful mountains. Geneva is in between these spectacular views, known for their Swiss chocolates, where Rue du Rhône is located. It is known to be Geneva’s most expensive street with exquisite and famous brands for watches, fashion, and chocolatiers.

Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

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For those who love to go to the beach, Maya Bay is one of the most stunningly beautiful beaches in the world. With its silky soft white sand, underwater colorful coral and exotic fishes, and exceptionally clear water, this could pass as a paradise here on Earth. Boarding on a boat will make it look like the vessel is flying.

Masphi Lodge, Ecuador

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Named one of National Geographic’s Unique Lodges of the World, Masphi Lodge is a sustainable luxury hotel located near Quito, Ecuador. Nestled between the lower montane rainforest and cloud forests in the heart of a 2,500-acre private reserve, Mashpi Lodge offers guests an immersive experience with the natural world. Guests are able to hike over a dozen trails with expert guides and naturalists, or relax at the hotel spa and fine dining restaurant. Mashpi Lodge’s commitment to environmental sustainability is also apparent through extensive conservation and forest preservation strategies.

Aspen, Colorado

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Aspen, Colorado is a great place for luxurious travel. It is known as one of the top places that American celebrities like to visit, especially during ski season. Aspen’s hotels, restaurants, and shops will make you like you are one of them! In Aspen, you’ll be surrounded by the beautiful sites of nature that Colorado has to offer, while still being able to pamper yourself with fine dining and spas.

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