20 Incredible Places to Visit on a Budget

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Love to travel but on a budget? These 20 locations are perfect for those who are on a budget but don’t want to miss out on visiting beautiful destinations around the world, take a look below for holiday inspiration. 


This product was recommended by Jennifer De Luca from Luxury Adventure Travel

The trick to keeping your vacation low cost though is to not move around too much. We usually create an itinerary that only has one or two destinations which keeps the package price low. Eg; For a client with a low budget for Vietnam we would put together 7 to 10 days in just two spots (like Halong Bay and Hanoi). Food and beverages in these countries is typically fairly cheap – you can sometimes get a great meal for around $3AUD.


This product was recommended by Nicolas S. Bergengruen from Jubel

Mexico is incredibly affordable, with $1USD = $24 MXN pesos and making for an incredible getaway that’s still close to the US (and very central for just about anyone visiting from the Western hemisphere). Round trip flights from east / west coast of the U.S are surprisingly affordable, and once you get to Mexico great food, unique accommodations (hotels + Airbnb’s) and getting around are very cheap. The best part, is that visiting Mexico you can get exposure to just about any preference in tourism. We like to call mexico the land of everything. This is not an exaggeration – it’s how we like to describe this incredible country. There are seemingly endless magical towns to wander – literally dubbed pueblos magicos locally (there are 121 of them sprawled out throughout the country) – pacific and caribbean coasts to explore, ancient Mayan ruins to stumble upon in the jungle of Chiapas, snow-topped dormant volcanoes to climb up, Aztec pyramids, desert bordering seas rich with marine life, and of course delicious dishes that evoke overwhelming emotional responses…


This product was recommended by Laura Sellwood from Escapes Etc

I went there this winter just gone (pre lock down) and was blown away by its history, food and drink culture, pristine nearby beaches and how incredible the architecture is. I run my own blog centred around frugal travel, and for 4 nights Gdansk it cost £280 for 2 people, including a hotel. I truly believe Gdansk is going to be one of the next must-visit budget destinations in Europe.

Montreal, Canada

This product was recommended by Penny Burgess from Vagrants and Vagabonds

Montreal is a beautiful and affordable city! I stayed with my boyfriend at the M Montreal hostel for under $30/night. The M Montreal had everything we could ask for: hot tubs on the roof, a basement bar, and free pasta nights! They even offered a free walking tour, which showed us everywhere we wanted to go, from an incredible light show in a basilica, to the highly hike-able Mount Royal. Both affordable and awesome, Montreal is a perfect place to visit on a budget.


This product was recommended by Samantha Shea from Intentional Detours

India is one of the best places in the world for budget travelers. It’s easy to find comfy rooms for $12 or less a night, food ranges from 25 cents to a couple of dollars for street food to $4-$5 for sit down meals, and both train and bus transport is incredibly cheap too, with 17-hour train rides costing as little as $15. I spent over 3 months traveling in India and my budget averaged out to $11 a day- all whilst eating everything and anything I desired and covering thousands of miles of the country.

Taipei, Taiwan

This product was recommended by Wayne Dang from The Traveling Asian

Taiwan is the best country to visit if you are trying to be under budget. After all, there are so many things for you to see and do here for either a low cost or no cost at all. From beautiful beaches to amazing mountains which are free to explore or even the night markets where you can get deliciously fresh food for under $5 dollars. Taiwan is the perfect place to be if you are wanting to have some fun while not breaking the bank.

Merida, Yucatan

This product was recommended by Kyla Egan from Impactful Tourism Consultancy

Mexico Merida on the Caribbean coast of Mexico remains one of the least expensive cities in the country. Most AirBnB options range from $20-$40 per night and hotel rooms are rarely over $70. Food also remains inexpensive, averaging at less than $7 per meal. The Mexican peso has recently decreased in value, making a trip to Merida even more accessible for budget travellers. Merida’s reputation as the safest and cleanest city in Mexico is largely due to its wonderful parks, broad avenues, and colonial buildings. Luckily, flights to Mexico from the United States will up and running again this month.

Costa Rica

This product was recommended by Kim Hefner from Wild and Found Photography

Costa Rica is a great place to travel on a budget. You can often find good deals on flights if you are willing to be patient, and there are plenty of eco-lodges and budget accomodations so you can save money on lodging. “Sodas” are local restaurants where you can often find meals for much cheaper than the touristy spots. And you can save more money by choosing to take buses between regions.


This product was recommended by Angelica Sykes from Ridestore Magazine

When one thinks of places to travel on a budget, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking of Asia. However, there is a location that’s readily overlooked and for no good reason. A place where you can be at one with nature, eat and drink excellent cuisine and even stay in relative luxury. Hold onto your hats folks, or should we say your ski helmets, let us introduce you to… Bulgaria. If you love skiing and you are searching for a cool place to travel but also a low budget destination, then look no further. Borovets hits all the vital components of an excellent destination, quality riding for all abilities, an atmospheric town, top-notch bars and restaurants, off the mountain activities and much more, all of which can be enjoyed even when the purse strings are tight. Borovets is a little over 12km from Samokov city and 72km from Sofia (the capital of Bulgaria) where the main airport is, meaning travel to and from the resort is simple. Infrastructurally speaking, the resort is more than geared up for the international jet setter, with a modern lift system, friendly English speaking staff and more amenities than you could shake a ski pole at. Enjoy stunning scenery, pine woods, mix terrain and some pretty vibrant apres ski, all of which remains in tip-top condition between December and April which for as resort of Borovets comparatively low altitude, is pretty amazing. And what’s more? After a long day swishing around the slopes and easting more cheese than you thought a healthy adult could consume, why not ease those aching muscles are the hot springs in true Bulgarian style. We better get booking right…


This product was recommended by Jen Ortega from Discover Buellton

Buellton is the perfect travel destination for those who want to save some money but also have a great time. Located in the heart of the Santa Ynez Wine Country and just 10 miles from the beautiful Pacific Ocean on Highway 101, staying in Buellton gets you the experience of luxury without breaking your bank account. Why spend $300 for one night in Santa Barbara, when you can spend 3 nights in Buellton for the same price and enjoy this quaint town.


This product was recommended by NguyenLe Hoang from Izitrip Asia

Vietnam is one of the most safety country in Covid-19 pandemic. In general, travel to South East Asia always the best choice for low budget trip. At this time, too many special offers and deals for traveler in Vietnam for accommodations, flight and land transportation. From Hanoi, Capital of Vietnam, tourists can easy to travel to Moc Chau by Luxury Mini bus or rent a motobike for great view of the mountain areas. It takes around 5 hours with very cheap cost. Then you can have very beautiful homestay in Moc Chau town with reasonable price. Travel around for sightseeing and enjoy local foods for crazy cheap price just few dollars. The nice view of high mountain, beautiful weather, fresh air, special culture of local community in very limited budget should be in your plan for the next trip.


This product was recommended by Ellen Neiers from Visit Bloomington

Located in the heart of the rolling hills of Southern Indiana and built around the prodigious Indiana University, Bloomington is an off-the-beaten-path escape that’s inclusive, affordable, academic, and unpretentious — balancing both the charm of a small town and the cultural magic of a major city. And with the state’s largest lake, the only National Forest, collegiate athletics, and nationally recognized music industry and comedy scene, it’s not hard to see why this enchanting Heartland favorite (just six hours from most major Midwest cities) keeps visitors coming back, year after year


This product was recommended by David Marquardt from komyk.

Some years ago I made a three week trip to Guatemala. This beautiful country lays right between the Pacific and Atlantic ocean. Travelling between both of the coasts requires just one day. If you are not into chilling on beaches. You can climb on volcanos or visit the rainforest. If you have more cultural interests you can visit the cities, which have very interesting architectures. Are you go to one of the Mayan temples hides in the rainforest. The best in all that is that traveling in Guatemala is very cheap. In the three weeks where I really tried to see as much as possible, with sleeping noble hotels and eating in nices restaurants, I did not pay more than 1.000 dollar.

Luisiana and Pangil, Laguna

This product was recommended by Norhanie Pangulima from Hernorm

The province of Laguna is famous not only for its pies but also for its breathtaking waterfalls. Four of its best are located in Luisiana and Pangil. The magnificent Hulugan Falls and Aliw Falls are situated in Luisiana, just 10-15 minutes away from the city of Sta. Cruz. The trek towards the waterfalls are super easy and are only 30 minutes away from the jump-off site, with a very cheap entrance fee. Meanwhile, an hour ride from Sta. Cruz is the small town of Pangil where you can visit the Buntot Palos Falls and Ambon-Ambon Falls. Entrance fee is also cheap but they require you to hire a guide as the trek can be a bit dangerous. You also need not worry about food, as there are local restaurants on the jump-off site of all of these falls, where you can have a taste of home-cooked budget-friendly meals.

Anawangin and Nagsasa, Zambales

This product was recommended by Norhanie Pangulima from Hernorm

Zambales is famous for its island beaches, and two of the best are Anawangin and Nagsasa. You can catch a motorboat that will ferry you to these beautiful islands. Upon arrival, there are a number of resorts that offer lodging areas for both day tours and overnight tours of the area. You can also bring a tent or rent one and camp near the beachside. They offer various activities in the islands, and I promise you the sunset is spectacular along with the white sand beach and the crystal clear waters are worth your while.


This product was recommended by Samantha Wragg from Coco Travels

Prague is a great city break for anyone on a budget. There is so much that you can see for free as it’s a beautiful city with stunning architecture so you can wander and get lost without paying a penny. Food and drink is also super cheap; you can get a three course meal in the city centre from as little as £7 and a round of drinks for just £4.


This product was recommended by Shilpa Shashidhar from Tender Foot Traveller

If you want to high dose of culture and heritage, well this place is the drug. Ease of access and travel availability has made it helpful for travellers to explore this.


This product was recommended by Shilpa Shashidhar from Tender Foot Traveller

The ‘go-to’ country of central-asia rich in places which are highly picturesque. It has its own ‘Grand Canyon’ and various lakes and sand dunes to explore.

Tropical Islands of the Philippines

This product was recommended by Dale Gerrett from ChipperBirds

For many of us who had a lifestyle of traveling and exploring places, this stay at home situation because of the coronavirus is surely getting us bored but also giving us a lot of time to plan ahead our future travels. Surely, as soon as this pandemic is all over, we’d be packing our bags to the next best destination. However, the situation might be different this time. The economy will still need to recover so traveling to luxurious destinations might not be an option. Backpacking has always been a way to travel on a low budget. Among the many destinations, the country of the Philippines sits on top of the list. Imagine having 7,641 islands to choose from. The archipelago is teeming with white sand beaches, majestic waterfalls, mighty mountains and other gorgeous natural wonders you’ve probably never seen elsewhere. Best thing about this country is that it’s relatively cheap to explore and that the majority of the population can speak english.

Broken Bow, Oklahoma

This product was recommended by Mark Wilcox from Camping Forge

It’s 3 hours north of Dallas. It’s hilly, heavily forested, and one of the nicest lakes in the US. There are many hiking trails, plus fishing. You can tent camp, park your RV, or stay in a cabin. In town, there’s small shops, restaraunts, breweries, and a winery. It’s an absolute jewel.

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