20 Best Travel Planning Apps For Stress Free Travel

Travel apps that make your journey seamless & stress free? Lucky you!

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Travel planning is a time consuming process, and can become frustrating the longer you spend on it. The up side is that once you’re at your destination, everything falls into place.

Travel planning is entering a new era. These travel apps make it easier to organize your travels and find things to do. We used a baseline criteria of dependability and ease of use on all these apps, but each has strengths that might mean more or less to you.

Whether you’re travelling to cities or hiking atop mountains, there’ll be something for that make your travels less stressful and more pleasurable.


This product was recommended by Jared Nusinoff from Out Here Travel

Some of the most exciting things to do in location – including Canada where we are based – is heading out and enjoying the great outdoors. There are tons of trails, and it used to be tricky to figure out the details about them from the time it would take, how steep they were and if they had good views. We are always using the AllTrails app to help us plan and evaluate new and exciting outdoor areas to explore in our vast country.


This product was recommended by James Kell from Sailing Virgins

TripIt aggregates all your travel plans and forms one well-formatted itinerary. When you buy a ticket or book accommodation, you simply forward the email to, and it automatically creates an itinerary. TripIt is the *best* app for travellers. I use it all the time.

App In The Air

This product was recommended by James Kell from Sailing Virgins

App In The Air is fantastic at making sure you don’t miss your flight. The app gives you a countdown for things like checking in and boarding. Any changes to flights or gates are made clearly available over the app.


This product was recommended by Lora Georgieva from ProExpo Services

An app that is equally useful for leisure and business travel. The app itself creates a luggage checklist according to your trips destination, length and type of trip. Furthermore, it takes into consideration weather forecasts and the planned activities on your schedule. A smart way to remind you for things that you might leave behind. The app can cover you on a variety of casual and formal occasions, in addition to your own personal suggestions.

XE Currency

This product was recommended by Lora Georgieva from ProExpo Services

A business traveler must. The app will help you navigate through every currency used around the world. The information is updated regularly and it could operate when you device is offline. The additional featured of the app include rates on previous metals, currency charts and simultaneous monitoring on 10 currencies at once.


This product was recommended by Lora Georgieva from ProExpo Services

This app helps people to get around in the urban jungle by public transport, taxi and Uber. It takes consideration the length of the journey, costs, traffic updates and weather updates for your goal, and offers you the most convenient and fast routes.


This product was recommended by Marta from wavelt

Wola is a new private app that collects friend’s real time location on the same shared map to make travel plans with the maximum privacy. It comes with meeting point options and GPS, so any member can pin a meeting point and let the others take real time directions to get there. It also has a chat and the possibility to send the location through a web link to warn somebody outside the private group about the location. Groups on Wola can split to do different activities, always knowing where the others are and how to get to them (you can tap on each member to get real time directions) so they will never get lost. Wola is the fastest provider or private real time solutions and is born after Wave Application, a location app with over 12 M users. It is a brand new app but with the expertise of years of native development.


This product was recommended by Jessica Baker from Boundless Bakers

User generated collection of places to camp in the U.S. and Canada. You’re able to find free information on campgrounds, RV parks, free camping spots, National Parks, National Forests, and State Parks. Information includes maps, amenities, reviews, and photos. I’ve found some of my favorite campsites thanks to Campendium!


This product was recommended by Jessica Baker from Boundless Bakers

A greatest source for finding all things campings and road trips. You’re able to find information on campgrounds, hotels, gas stations, rest areas, RV dump stations, and more. It’s really a one stop shop for all of the information you need for RV camping!


This product was recommended by Anne Fletcher from TravelSOUL Inc

This app connects you with other like-minded travelers BEFORE you arrive, so you can chat with others who share your same interests, get recommendations, and plan to meet up. I’m suggesting this because being able to weed through all the information and get direct recommendations from people who are 1) where you’re going and 2) interested in what you’re interested in is much more relevant than just randomly searching reviews in the hopes of finding something that resonates with you.

Locus Map

This product was recommended by Matěj Halouska from Czech the World

Clearly the most advanced map application for outdoor navigation. The maps are really detailed with even the smallest routes included. It has an incredible number of features and settings. You can use different map layers and altitude shading, record tracks, measure distances or import your own gpx/kml points from Google Maps for planning, which places to visit. The maps are completely offline. Locus is also great for geocaching. The app is free to use. Downloading offline maps is paid, however, the first 3 maps are for free and then it’s very cheap (map of Germany costs $2). Unfortunately, Locus is available only for Android and not for iOS.


This product was recommended by Sarah Kim from Lust ‘Till Dawn

In short, Trover is a great trip planning app because it’s like a mix of Instagram, Pinterest and Google Maps in one. Plus, it’s authentic. Real traveler upload their photos as Discoveries on Trover. They add authentic insight to the photo such as why it’s special to them, how to take the best photo there or something personal that that travel might only know about. They also add a GPS location to the image making their Discovery actually able to be found by the next traveler who wants to go there. It’s like Instagram because of the amazing travel images but it’s better because you have information and GPS location specific to the image. It’s like Pinterest because Discoveries are searchable and it’s great for travel inspiration. Best of all, it’s like Google Maps because when you save Discoveries to a list, Trover automatically populates a map for you so you can see where all the sights, restaurants and museums are in relation to each other in one map.


This product was recommended by Jovan Milenkovic from KommandoTech

Roadtrippers is a fantastic app for everyone who needs to plan a complex road-trip itinerary. You can plan up to seven different points on your travel map for free, and if you exceed the number, you can easily upgrade to a paid plan. The app suggests stops along your route, from food joints to scenic sites and off-the-road things to do. If you’re playing it safe and want to choose a famous road trip route, you can use Roadtrippers’ ready-made guides. I used the app as an additional source of useful information, and it proved especially helpful when I made detours and had spontaneous visits to other places along the trip.


This product was recommended by Torben Lonne from DIVE

Nowadays it’s easier to travel with apps like Couchsurfing, as you can pretty much land in any city in the world and find a place to stay within minutes. The app allows you to browse local hosts in every city in the world that is willing to offer you a couch to sleep on. Of course, some hosts have full-sized beds, barns, garages and a wide range of sleeping arrangements. The best part is that you can quickly get the scoop on the city your visiting from your hosts. Another cool feature is the events part of the app, that lets you join local activities in the cities you visit. These can range from guided museum tours to outdoor activities like zip-lining. The Couchsurfing app also has a hangouts feature that helps you meet couchsurfers from all over the world that are in the same city. This is a good way to meet new friends and explore the city if your traveling alone.


This product was recommended by Holly Ozanne from Venta Marketing

Basic travel planning apps treat users like cattle moving from one location to another but Trouvaiz wants app users to travel with purpose. When you download this up and coming app, Experience Seekers can explore the world and live like locals thanks to the global network of Trouvaiz Experience Givers. Experience Givers provide more than tours and events, they act as an ambassador and curate unforgettable moments. This platform brings the world closer together by connecting people with unique experiences that reveal the true and authentic parts, people, and places of a destination. Through a simple search query and filtering options, Experience Seekers can select their destination, preview Trouvaiz’s network of Experience Givers, and select their activities which can include walking food tours, pub crawls, cultural site visits, and more.


This product was recommended by Konrad Waliszewski from TripScout

– Customize your trip: TripScout makes it easy to plan ahead by customizing your trip. Simply enter your planned location, dates, budget and travel group, and the app creates a guidebook for that location offering articles about where and what to do within your guidelines. – Save your favorites: With one tap, travelers can save any point of interest they discover as easily as ‘liking’ an Instagram post, allowing them to stitch together their trip with activities, restaurants, nightlife and more. – Create an itinerary: Easily plan for your trip while reading an article. TripScout pulls a list of the places mentioned in the article with location details and reviews. You can then save the spot to your itinerary with a planned date and time. – Learn more: TripScout allows you to plan for upcoming trips, but also features trending articles with travel tips from trusted publications.


This product was recommended by Danielle Kraycik from Matter Communications

Travel safety is an ongoing concern, and GeoSure provides its users with the safety information they need to travel with confidence. GeoSure has created the most highly scaled, real-time, hyper-local safety information available. Covering tens of thousands of neighborhoods across every major city, GeoSure analyzes data from trusted global sources as well as artificial intelligence data harvesting, which fuels proprietary risk algorithms to create safety ratings from 1 to 100. GeoSure covers six critical safety categories for its users: Overall Safety, Physical Harm, Theft, Basic/Political Freedoms, Disease & Medical and Women’s Safety.

Up Hail

This product was recommended by Avi Wilensky from Up Hail

A travel planning app used by millions of people to compare prices and save money on rideshares, ridehails, taxis, scooters, and other forms of ground transportation. The app has a wealth of information about each of the different services offered by Uber and Lyft, including options to help travelers identify the best options based on number of riders, extra trunk space, luggage assistance, and more.


This product was recommended by Nakeisha Martinez from Tickled Pink Travel Agency

This app is able to display the itinerary which is available through the mobile app or download to PDF. The itinerary syncs with the entire group and each individual’s flights and even has a chat function.


This product was recommended by Morta J. from Firebird Tours

Triptile is a tour builder providing access to top-quality travel supply all over Europe in just a few clicks. With hundreds of cities and top-notch hotels to choose from, as well as thousands of activities and connections in various destinations, planning even the most complex itineraries takes arguably less time. In addition to that, isn’t it convenient to have it all in one place? Triptile is a user-friendly tool, which can be used by travel agents and individual travelers likewise, as long as they have a vision and some destinations in mind. Even if they don’t, browsing the destination map can provide with plenty of ideas for the next perfect journey and Triptile itself will suggest the most reasonable connections, as well as authentic activities to enjoy. Triptile is a trip planner by Firebird Tours, the leading tour operator in Europe, which has successfully employed it while creating thousands of elaborate itineraries for a better traveling experience of their clients.

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