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20 Best Places You Can Travel To Without Quarantine

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Places You Can Travel To Without Quarantine. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.


This product was recommended by John Maddox from Travel by John

The Last Frontier only requires a negative COVID test within 10 days prior to travel. With fewer crowds, Alaska and places like Denali National Park are the perfect place to socially distance yourself and see one of America’s most incredible places.

Islands of Tahiti

This product was recommended by Laurel Louderback from True Tahiti Vacation

You can travel to the Islands of Tahiti without a quarantine! However, you do need to have a negative Covid test not more than 3 days prior to departure. The most famous of these islands include, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea, Rangiroa, etc.

Cancun Mexico

This product was recommended by Alex Ziselman from A2Z Travel LLC

You can travel to Cancun Mexico without quarantine. Cancun Mexico is recognized for its beautiful white sand beaches, mesmerizing turquoise blue water, captivating nature, Mayan culture, delicious international cuisine, great shopping, as well as many entertaining bars and nightclubs. The resorts in Cancun provide every level of traveler with options from budget friendly to delightfully luxurious. Cancun is a great place to visit now because it has received the World Travel and Tourism Council’s stamp of Safe Travels.

Orlando, Florida

This product was recommended by Megan Dawson from Aqua-Aston Hospitality

No quarantine is necessary for visitors to Orlando, Florida where travelers can enjoy open-air adventures at newly re-opened theme parks, ecotourism experiences and al fresco dining and shopping. Many local resorts offer reduced prices to residents of nearby states who may prefer to drive instead of fly, including Aqua-Aston Hospitality managed hotels Tuscana Resort Orlando by Aston and The Fountains ChampionsGate, which offer 15% off to residents of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Louisiana. Both resorts are ideal for small groups with spacious pet-friendly multi-bedroom accommodations and swimming pools surrounded by flowering gardens and lush greenery. Amenities at Tuscana include a separate children’s pool, private 30-seat movie theater and outdoor picnic area with barbecue grills.


This product was recommended by Mandi Hefflinger from Visit Rwanda

On August 1, Rwanda began accepting commercial flights and international guests with no two-week quarantine requirements, as long as the traveler tests negative for COVID-19 both before departure and after arrival in Rwanda. All passengers are required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test from a certified laboratory, taken within five days of arriving in Rwanda. A second test will be conducted upon arrival, with results delivered within 24 hours (in most cases, 8 hours or less). During this time, travelers will be required to self-quarantine in a pre-approved, designated hotel. Following the receipt of a negative test upon arrival, visitors will be free to partake in tourism activities – from gorilla and primate tracking to safari experiences and more.


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No quarantine is required for US citizens.Ecuador has some fantastic areas to travel to when looking for remote destinations like the Amazon, Galapagos Islands or the Avenue of Volcanoes. It is a good country for self-drive so that makes it easier to social distance.


This product was recommended by Juergen Keller from

Brazil is currently open via air (not land crossings) and requires no quarantine. We are not recommending travel to Brazil at the moment. However, when it becomes more reasonable to travel there, there are many remote destinations to travel to like the Amazon, or national parks like the Pantanal or Chapada Diamantina.


This product was recommended by Andrey Zakharenko from Always Travel

Turkey is a rare European country that is welcoming US tourists. Their national carrier, Turkish airlines flies non-stop to Istanbul for many US gateway cities. Istanbul is a full of history part Europe, part Asia, Bodrum an amazing beach destination. A bonus for all tourists is that you can take a Covid test at the Istanbul airport and in under 4 hours you will get your results and be on your way to Croatia or Egypt.


This product was recommended by Selma Žuljević from Covered Traveler

The country is truly one of the hidden gems of Europe. It combines beautiful and isolated beaches of Croatia and Greece with picturesque mountaintops of France and Austria. The clear, turquoise water in the Albanian Riviera is perfect for those who want to laze on the beach, and the Albanian mountains are a paradise for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts. The best part – the lack of tourists makes this the perfect location to travel during the pandemic. Bottom line: Albania is a cheap and beautiful alternative to major destinations in Europe. Its gorgeous beaches, rolling mountains, and cities full of character leave every traveler that embarks on this adventure breathless.


This product was recommended by Pierre Pitlo from African Safari Experts

The Great Migration will soon be heading South back into Tanzania. Other places to visit while there include the Ngorongoro Crate (single largest caldera in the world), Mount Kilimanjaro (largest free standing mountain in the world) and the Serengeti National Park. Safe travel status and no quarantine.


This product was recommended by Pierre Pitlo from African Safari Experts

Home to the majestic Victoria Falls (largest waterfall on earth) as well as the Valley of the Leopards in South Luangwa National Park at the bottom of the Great East African Rift Valley. No quarantine.

The Alentejo, Portugal

This product was recommended by Yasir Shamim from PureVPN

Forget the crowded beaches of the Algarve: this little-visited corner of Portugal should be your new summer destination. The Alentejo is Andalucía as it used to be: crumbling Moorish castles perched on craggy hilltops, tiny towns of cobbled streets clustered around ruined Roman temples, Renaissance palaces filled with priceless art. Eagles soar over rugged, rocky hills, while lynx hunt in forests of wild olive and cork oak. And on the coast, hundreds of kilometres of sweeping caster-sugar sand see more visiting terns than tourists.

Lecco, Italy

This product was recommended by Thom Brown from Thom Brown Travel

Not long ago, Milan was the epicentre of the Coronavirus. Now, though, the virus is under control and flights to Milan are absurdly cheap. I wouldn’t stay in the big city though! In just 40 minutes, your train will arrive at beautiful Lecco. This is a spread out, sparsely populated place where avoiding people is easy. Hugged by mountains, Lecco is located on the idyllic Lake Como, the deepest lake in Europe outside of Norway. After a stressful few months of lockdown, Lecco is offers the ultimate relaxation. You’ll hardly meet any tourists, but the city has enough facilities and a high enough standard of English to make your trip easy and enjoyable. Hikes out into the mountains offer fresh air, natural beauty, and – most importantly – safety from other people’s germs. With the virus now under control, most countries won’t require you to quarantine on your return from Italy, so you can book your holiday with peace of mind.


This product was recommended by George Hammerton from Hammerton Barbados

The island nation of Barbados is renowned for the proactive and competent way it handled the pandemic, eradicating the virus from its shores in just a couple of months. As boarders re-opened to tourists in recent weeks a careful approach has been put in place with travellers from Medium risk countries such as the UK simply taking a test prior to arrival, able to begin their holiday strait away.


This product was recommended by Catriona Jasica from Best Marketing Seo

Travelers can travel into Cambodia without being subjected to quarantine if they provide a negative PCR test result. On arrival, they will be re-tested, and no quarantine period will be necessary.

Sri Lanka

This product was recommended by Catriona Jasica from Best Marketing Seo

The country is planning to open its tourism industry without quarantine measures for tourists worldwide. A minimum five-day stay is mandatory. Tourists may stay at government-approved accommodations and can’t use public transport.

The Outer Hebrides

This product was recommended by Lauren from Our So Called Life

The Outer Hebrides may be in the back and beyond of Scotland but they offer some life changing experiences. A series of islands filled with jaw-dropping beaches, reminiscent of those that we expect to see in tropical climates with white sands with turquoise waters, matched with the rugged mountains and the warmth of the hospitality. It’s a perfect destination for those who may yet be a little wary of large crowds, for those who love the outdoors but mostly, it’s great for those in need of some soul soothing respite.


This product was recommended by Ojas Mhatre from Unstumbled

You can travel to Switzerland without having to quarantine yourself on arrival or having to showcase any medical certificates stating that you do not have . The only condition is that you must not have the virus.

Big Sky, Montana

This product was recommended by Stiles Bennet from WIMCO Villas

Cool, clean mountain air, lots of outdoor activities year round from hiking, rafting, fishing, tennis and golf in the summer to skiing in the winter. Nearby town of Bozeman has a good airport and a fun foodie scene.

Park City, Utah

This product was recommended by Stiles Bennet from WIMCO Villas

Cool, clean mountain air, lots of outdoor activities year round from hiking, rafting, fishing, tennis and golf in the summer to skiing in the winter. Home to the Sundance film festival and known for its pedestrian friendly downtown with breweries, cafes and coffee houses. Salt Lake city is only 45 minutes away and has lots of direct flights.

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