16 Holiday Destinations You And Boyfriend Will Love

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Looking to take a couples holiday somewhere that isn’t Paris? We’ve got you covered with these 16 great locations all perfect for couples looking for something different. Including a wide variety of locations and suitable for a range of budgets, there’s bound to be something for everyone. 


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Chicago as the best place to travel with your boyfriend. The Windy City is one of the most beautiful places to visit from June through September when locals shake off the winter blues and take advantage of every last drop of the summer sun. From eclectic street festivals to picnics in the park, running along the Lakefront and hitting the beach, there’s so much to do in Chicago during the summer. Some of my favorite events pre-covid included the Taste of Chicago, the world’s largest outdoor food fest and concerts such as Lollapalooza. Chicago is slowly re-opening and if helps, here’s a list of what’s currently opened/closed.


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Lanzarote is a startling place. I spent a month here with my boyfriend, exploring, adventuring, and learning to surf. The first few weeks were in Caleta de Famara, where beginner-friendly waves let me catch a few rides with my other half right next to me! The town also has a long, breezy beach with oodles of sunbathing spots. Then, we moved into the inland of the island. That’s got wild volcanic mountains which we hiked and trail ran together. Finally, we stopped over on the east coast. Boutique hotels meet the Atlantic Ocean there and the skies are clear for midnight gazing.


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I have travelled to many places in this world, but I did not realise how romantic Georgia was as a destination until I travelled there with my own boyfriend. Whether you want the beach holiday, or the mountain adventure holiday, Georgia offers the best of both worlds. There are many hotels which are perfect for couples, such as the Rooms Hotel in Kazbegi – here you can get the room with a mountain view and wake up to a sunrise over the mighty mountains. This is also located close to a monastery located in the mountain, so if you crave adventure you can also take a trip here. If you want something more relaxing but still interesting, Vardzia is a beautiful place to visit. This is a cave monastery constructed at the end of the 20th century which makes a very fascinating destination to visit. There is also a fancy hotel located not far from here, which offers a pool and breathtaking views of nature. However, the best about visiting Georgia is the food – every step along the way you will find the most delicious food of the region – whether it is khachapuri, khinkali, mcvcdi or many others. It also helps that Georgia is one of the oldest producers of wine, so you will never lack food or drink on your holiday.

New York City

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It is the best place to go with your partner either you’re from US or from outside. This city has amazing places to visit such as central park, and many innovative places. City of lights and skyscrapers, which will you both definitely enjoy.

Bern, Switzerland

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Bern is the perfect romantic city to travel to with your boyfriend. Here, you can both have fun together as well as enjoy a few romantic hours as a couple. With its red roofs that stand in contrast with the turquoise Aare river, Bern looks as if it came straight out of a fairytale. Fun activities during the day include exploring the Old Town and swimming in the Aare River with your boyfriend. Pack all of your belongings into a waterproof bag and get into the water. The current is strong enough that it will take you all around the Old Town, so you can combine sightseeing with splashing in the river. Or go into the Einstein house and find out more about the world’s most famous scientist. In the evening, walk up to the Rosengarten. From this rose garden, you have a fantastic view of Bern. Make sure to reserve a table in the restaurant up here. You can’t find a more romantic place to spend the evening with your boyfriend.

Yucatan Peninsula

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This is the ultimate romantic trip for two. Stop into secret cenotes to swim in the green caves with light peering through and leaves trickling down. See the Mayan ruins and a wonder of the world – Chichen Itza. Stay in romantic hotels with underground caves. Get to know to locals and chat with them in their restaurant swings. Kayak lagoons with 8 different shades of blue. There’s an endless number of things to do and see and a very affordable price so you won’t argue about finances.

Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park

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I live in NYC and getting away from the busy city life is crucial for maintaining mental balance. I love visiting Peterson Great Falls National Park with my boyfriend and renting a cabin for a weekend getaway. We always find that this type of quick escape is great for our relationship – we have the best talks while driving, make romantic dinner for each other in the cabin, and tell each other funny stories while we hike to the waterfalls. I find that some of our most romantic moments have been away from the city in a casual cabin setting; those are the times we feel most at ease.

Catskills Mountains

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One of the best places I’ve traveled to with my boyfriend was the Catskills in upstate New York — the drive there is scenic, there are plenty of beautiful locations to hike around, and many of the stores and restaurants in the area have a quaint, rustic feel. It’s a great place to get away and be surrounded by nature, while not too far from New York City.


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Hawaii’s Big Island is a great destination to visit with a boyfriend. It was actually the place I traveled to with my boyfriend, after we got married. Hawaii is the largest island in the state, and it’s full of natural beauty. It’s uncrowded and offers tons of amazing ways to escape — from chasing waterfalls, to hiking lava fields, to snorkeling with colorful fish, to stargazing crystal clear night skies. The Big Island has a little bit of something for everyone.

Hoi An, Vietnam

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Everyone knows Paris is the city of love, but it’s not the only one! Hoi An, Vietnam is the perfect romantic getaway. It’s a small town located in the center of Vietnam. You’ll immediately be enchanted by this charming town that’s not too big and not too small. Best of all, Hoi An is the city of lanterns. They’re beautiful during the day but then become truly magical at night when they light up the sky with a vibrant glow. You can buy a lit lantern, put it on the river that passes through the city, and make a wish! It doesn’t get any more romantic than that, especially if you wish for everlasting love. Take your boyfriend to Hoi An for the romantic escape of a lifetime. Paris who?


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Sardinia as a great place to travel with your boyfriend. I went there with my boyfriend one summer – we rented a car and roadtripped around. It can be very romantic, like having a meal overlooking the sea or renting a private dinghy boat and checking out small deserted beaches around the coast. There’s also some history, like the Neolithic ruins, and culture, like agriturismos where you can try local produce.

Phuket, Thailand

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Phuket is on most people’s travel hit list. The combination of exotic island beaches, spiritual temples and energetic nightlife makes for a well rounded vacation that most dream of. Thailand is less about materialism and more about the adventure. Thailand is one of those places that makes you realize that life can be rich without luxurious sports cars and regular manicures. Couples travel not to come away with something tangible, but instead, to create memories. One of travel’s greatest lessons is that the value of experiences outweigh material items every time. When you are happy with less there will be fewer arguments between the two of you and you’ll instead be focusing on shared memories. After all, less is sometimes more.


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Everyone knows how romantic Venice is, but what about its equally romantic Italian (almost) neighbour Rome? Rome is the perfect place to visit with your boyfriend – wander through the old streets holding hands, grab an aperol spritz at one of the many friendly trattorias and see all the famous sights. The colosseum is absolutely breathtaking – just seeing it from the outside is an experience in itself. Add to this the Roman Forum, the Pantheon and the ruined Roman baths. We visited in January which was a great time to visit as we had the city to ourselves – well it was a lot less crowded than in summer! Head to the Trevi Fountain and toss a coin in there which will mean that you’ll come back to Rome. What a romantic way to end your trip!

Bali, Indonesia

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Also known as the Island of the Gods, Bali is incredibly versatile and has something to offer every couple. If you’re outdoorsy, the hiking opportunities are endless! If you’re more into the nightclub scene, you have countless options to choose from. If you’re the beach bum type, enjoy incredible beaches and scuba diving options.

Santorini, Greece

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A favorite for honeymooners, enjoy the fantastic romance of Greek beaches at Santorini. The architecture is striking, the sunsets are unreal, and the beaches are to die for! Pamper yourself and your significant other in a gorgeous island paradise.

Tulum, Mexico

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If you’re looking for an exotic experience with rich history, Mexico could be your perfect match. Enjoy snorkeling at Xel-Ha Park, scuba diving in deep blue waters, and touring Mayan ruins. Adjust your pace to suit your preferences, with activity-filled days or leisurely hours on the beach.

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