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15 Trending Travel Gadgets You Want In Your 2020 Summer

The rising stars of this year’s gadgetry, making your holiday life more relaxing

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These days, companies are pumping out a lot that you don’t actually need. They’ll package it in a nice way, create an attractive design… But what use is it when the product itself is not adding value to your holiday?

That’s why we’ve sifted through hundreds of new gadgets of 2020 to bring you the 15 top picks. Lots make it easier to charge your devices easily and on the go, others we loved for their quality and relaxation-factor (see that luxurious trtl pillow!).

Power Strip

This product was recommended by Chris Reed from Could Have Stayed Home

I have taken this power strip across the world and it’s essential for international travel. It charges up to six USBs and three plugs at once. No adapter is needed for the plug sockets and it takes ANY international plug. It’s lightweight, power surge protected and perfect it you have a lot of tech with you. What’s more, if there’s limited plug sockets in your room, this will save the day!

trtl Pillow

This product was recommended by Simon Nowak from Authority Dental

A pillow that you won’t lose – you can easily use it to sleep, it’s a bit different from typical travel pillows.

Travel Adapter Uppel Dual USB

This product was recommended by Simon Nowak from Authority Dental

This is a very useful gadget that will let you forget about the different adapters. All in one and additionally allows you to use several devices with different plugs at the same time.


This product was recommended by Simon Nowak from Authority Dental

A set of light and compact towels will let you take a bath anywhere. You can also use them as a blanket or scarf. They dry quickly and are easy to wash.

BigBlue 3 USB Ports 28W Solar Charger

This product was recommended by Simon Nowak from Authority Dental

Are you going to a small island where there is no electricity but there is sun and you want to read your favourite books or take pictures for a few days? You have to take this gadget with you. Make sure it is powerful enough and able to charge your phone in a few hours.

BR2 Travel Pillow by bullbird

This product was recommended by John Atkins from bullbird Gear

Those who frequently fly, face the uncomfortable ergonomics of trying to get rest in upright, tight spaces and it can have negative impacts on posture and even blood’s passage to the brain. The latest travel pillow from bullbird travel equipment is ergonomically designed to support your C1 – C7 vertebrae and promote healthy posture while you rest upright. Helping passengers feel healthy after they land. It’s also 80% smaller than traditional travel pillows and is priced affordably at $59.99.

SublimeWare Power Plug Adapter

This product was recommended by Matt Woodley from MoverFocus

I received this as a gift from my wife and it has been super handy as it’s compatible in over 150 countries and has four USB ports that charge my devices very quickly. It is by far the best travel adapter I’ve ever had and I wouldn’t travel without it now. It’s been cleverly designed so that you don’t need any extra cables and plugs too.

Assured Instant Hand Sanitizer

This product was recommended by Alex Kovalenko from Kovasys inc

Even before the coronavirus I have noticed I would get sick very frequently few days after my flight.. it was always an every time I travel occurrence. But after I started using hand sanitizers I almost never get sick now when I travel. My rule is very simple – before I start eating or drinking I would always use hand sanitizer to clean my hands. Simple but highly effective to save your business meetings and when you come home you do not spread the virus to your family.

Airplane Foot Hammock

This product was recommended by Heather Markel from HeatherBegins

If you’re traveling economy, seats have gotten even worse. Being able to stretch your legs out like you’re in a more comfortable seat can make long-haul flights a little more bearable. A foot hammock wraps around your tray table (which you can keep closed) and adjusts so your feet can be at a comfortable angle. Really helpful for both comfort and circulation.

Paww WaveCast Portable Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

This product was recommended by Amit Vaghela from Paww, LLC

WaveCast is the most advanced portable Bluetooth transmitter in the World. With the popularity of AirPods and other truly wireless headphones, this product is must-have for any frequent traveler. One of the biggest issues with truly wireless headphones, is that you can’t connect them to any device that doesn’t have Bluetooth. While a lot of devices these days do support Bluetooth, there are some that don’t. Chief amongst them are inflight entertainment systems. WaveCast allows a used to connect their AirPods (or any other truly wireless headphones) to any inflight entertainment systems. Features: * Ability to pair with 2 headphones simultaneously * Range of up to 100 ft (most Bluetooth devices only have a range of 33 ft) * 10-hour battery life * Fast charging (30 minutes to a full charge) * Battery monitor * aptX low latency to prevent lip sync issues when used with compatible headphones

ZOMAKE Lightweight Hiking Travel Backpack

This product was recommended by Norm Bour from Travel Younger

I travel with a full-size Osprey backpack and a small suitcase, and my Zomake carries my need to have available items, like jackets, chargers, keys etc. This backpack folds up to about the size of a pair of gloves, and it takes a beating in water and anything else I throw at it. Many times I keep it folded inside my Osprey and unfurl it when I get to where I am going. It’s a man’s version of a clutch bag, one that holds things I need. As a full time Traveling Normad I MUST keep things compact and at age 65 I don’t want to carry a 60-pound behemoth!

Laundreez Portable Clothes Washer

This product was recommended by Ann Chappell from Laundreez

Laundreez was designed for washing clothes on the move while being kind to them. Detergents do the work during the soaking process and the Laundreez provides a convenient place for the detergents to do their magic. A few shakes of the Laundreez while the items soak, produces a great clean. For tougher stains, a good massage will help. The easy-to-use screw cap makes emptying water and refilling to rinse a breeze. Unlike other hand washing methods _your hands stay dry!_ Laundreez can be used for pre-soaking items, washing delicates, refreshing workout and dance gear or cleaning usual items like baseball caps and plush toys. Laundreez is compact weighs (13 ounces) and can be used as a dry bag (to protect valuables when near water), to carry up to 6 litres of water, or used to ice down drinks (always up for a good party!) At a retail price of $29.99, Laundreez is economical to own and to use.

BLOXVOX for AirPods

This product was recommended by Greg Umhoefer from BLOXVOX

We created a new gadget for business travelers, which allows for private phone conversations! The product is called BLOXVOX. You insert an AirPod, hold it over your mouth, and speak normally. The user’s voice is substantially blocked from reaching people nearby, but clear to the other party. The target market is business travelers, such as lawyers who need to have confidential legal conversations on-the-go.

UPPEL All-in-one Travel Adapter

This product was recommended by Casey LaClair from Viraflare

One of the most consistent issues I face in traveling is forgetting which charging adapter to bring. Having an all-in-one adapter can save a lot of space on multi-country trips and is much easier than organizing numerous types of outlet adapters. More importantly, this adapter is very inexpensive, especially compared to how much money I’ve spent on other chargers during my travels.

Jammy Guitar – App-Enabled Digital Travel Guitar

This product was recommended by Daria Kravets from Jammy Guitar

Jammy is 17” and fits into a backpack, so you can create music on a business trip, vacation or even while commuting. It’s a compact and lightweight second guitar that can be taken everywhere to practice or create music on the go. The main wow-feature is that Jammy is a MIDI controller, so using just the guitar you can play any instrument you want. Please see below more details on Jammy features:. – Headphones output: plug your headphones and enjoy playing Jammy anywhere without disturbing anyone – High-capacity battery: 4 to 6 hours of music playing with 4400 mAh battery – It has a companion app, that allows to change tunings, apply guitar effects, use metronome etc

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Written by Tan Sauteed


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