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13 Best Places You Can Travel To Without A Passport

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Places You Can Travel To Without A Passport. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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This product was recommended by Pete Robbins from Half Past First Cast

My wife and I have a business dedicated to leading ardent fishermen to exotic locations — usually to Mexico and the Brazilian Amazon, but we have trips planned to Guatemala and Panama next year. Unfortunately, COVID has made international travel unpredictable and at times scary, so for our first trip since March we went to Bristol Bay, Alaska to fish for salmon and trout. It has all of the benefits of off the grid international travel in terms of wilderness, but we didn’t need a passport to get there. At the same time, Alaska had stringent testing requirements for out-of-staters to enter, so it was the perfect return to long-distance travel.

San Diego, CA

This product was recommended by Estee Gubbay from Luxurist Travel Agency LLC

“America’s Finest City” truly is the best vacation destination. The world-famous Balboa Park and San Diego Zoo are open. Downtown is filled will al fresco restaurants and a fun harborside village. There are all different levels of hotels and vacation home rentals as well. Many beach towns are an easy drive up the coast and each one has its own personality. La Jolla Cove has a famous marine reserve where you can rent snorkel or scuba equipment or do kayak tours of the caves and see the sea lions up close. Further north, Encinitas is the quintessential surf town and Carlsbad has LegoLand open to visitors. There are many wonderful hikes such as Torrey Pines state reserve and lots of other things to do.


This product was recommended by Abdulaziz M Alhamdan from StoryBonding

I may be lucky that I can travel to Morocco without a Passport, only an ID suffices. Morocco is truly exotic. The culture is both ancient and vibrant. If you want to taste the desert, it is there in Marrakesh. If you want to swim on a beach reminiscent of Paradise, Agadir is your destination. It is great!

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

This product was recommended by Christina Simmons from San Diego Zoo

A unique zoo where large African species live in herds in huge habitats. Guests view the habitats from special tour trucks and trams (much like you would in Africa). The Park works closely with conservation organizations in Kenya to save species and it raises money for this work largely through guest admissions.

Puerto Rico

This product was recommended by Teresa McCombs from 2 Sisters Travel

One of the best places I recommend to clients that do not require a passport is Puerto Rico. Although Puerto Rico seems to have only received press coverage the past few years for the devastation from Hurricane Maria, the earthquake, its financial issues, and most recently for the Trump administration wanting to dump it to purchase Greenland, it is an island paradise that does not get enough attention! It has a wonderful diversity of climate, with the only tropical rainforest in the US, beautiful beaches, mountains, waterfalls, and three bioluminescent bays (of only five bio ecosystems in the world.) There is the wonderful old-world feel of Old San Juan with its fabulous restaurants, bars, shopping, and markets to explore down its cobblestone street lined with historic architecture and sites. There are wonderful accommodations ranging from a phenomenal luxury resort and spa properties to former convents converted to quaint boutique hotels that offer unparalleled service. It is easy to rent a car to explore all the island has to offer and you can easily fill an entire week with adventure. It’s a great destination for couples, families, adventure seekers, snorkel and diving enthusiasts, surfers, groups…you name it, there is something for everyone. And as a US territory, nothing more than the usual government issued ID required to board a flight is needed to enter the island.

Elafonisi Lagoon

This product was recommended by Harry Anapliotis from Rental Center Crete

This picturesque beach has shallow turquoise water surrounded by pink sand. It doesn’t have a huge population, so there are loads of parking spaces available throughout the year. With this and the vast amount of Crete history, there isn’t anything stopping you from enjoying this hidden gem, no matter what time of year. Elafonisi has something for everyone, from the hikers to the swimmers of the family. When you arrive, you won’t want to leave. It is a sight to be seen by all.’

Fairy Meadows

This product was recommended by Saleem Khan from SSLMagic

The Fairy Meadows is like a bunch of flowers in front of the towering killer mountain Nanga Parbat. This mountain lays the backdrop for the Fairy Meadows, making it an attractive destination for tourists. The fairy-tale meadow is where Nanga Parbat’s legend has been preserved. Generations of villagers have told them that they have the opportunity to witness the army of climbers who have never climbed the icy wall. The vivid beauty of spring is said to be the highlight of the grassland. The best time to visit is from mid-July to late August. In summer, the valley’s heat becomes unbearable and landslides are common. As I possess a Pakistani passport so I can travel to this place without a passport and I usually go with my friends each year.


This product was recommended by Allan Jiang from VacationHomeRents

No passport is needed if you are a US citizen and there are no other foreign countries in your travel itinerary. Unlike Saipan and Fiji, Guam is small but well developed for its shopping centers and entertainments. It has over 21 points of interest and a well-developed transportation system. The accommodation price in Guam is reasonable.

Mariana Islands

This product was recommended by Yasir Nawaz from PureVPN

It wasn’t supposed to be a tourist location, but over the years it has become an attractive spot for travelers. Based in the Philippine Sea, the little island has all the characteristics of a heavenly oasis. Untouched beaches, mesmerizing coral reefs, a calm lagoon, and the incredible rock foundation make Mariana Islands the perfect tourist location.


This product was recommended by Yasir Nawaz from PureVPN

You won’t be alone if you decide to travel to Mexico this year for you vacation. Thousands of US citizens make the trip every year thanks to Mexico’s famous party scene, tequila, extraordinary food, and vibrant music among other things. The country is bustling travel hub with all the excitement that you could hope for without requiring a passport to travel.

The Isle Of Man

This product was recommended by Ojas Mhatre from Unstumbled

There are many reasons to visit the Isle of Man, one of the major one is all the beautiful beaches you can unwind in. The isle of man is also home to some of the most beautiful glens that will blow your mind. The population of the isle of Man is just 88,000; that means it is paradise in every sense of the word. What makes it extra special for nature lovers is that most of the island is uninhibited. It’s extremely easy to get to from major cities like London and Liverpool. From London, the flight is an hour away and from Liverpool the ferry to the isle of man takes just under two hours.

United States Virgin Islands

This product was recommended by Gia Halliday from Pro Adventure Guide

The US Virgin Islands are a tropical paradise which requires no password and are just a short plane journey from Puerto Rico. Home to some of the most stunning beaches in the world, Trunk Bay on the island of St John often tops lists of the world’s most beautiful beaches.


This product was recommended by Mike Allen from The Fashion Jackets

It is a lovely island in the United States and we cannot ignore its beauty to experience when summer comes in. It is considered an ultimate paradise with hundreds of beaches and worthy to watch brewing volcanoes. It is only Hawaii where you can swim with sharks, ride bike to the lava, take a tour of Iolani Palace, drive through waterfalls, and shop till you drop all in one place. In short, you will fall in love with this magical place at first sight.

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