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11 Best Travel Bags For Moms in 2021

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This article showcases our top picks for the best travel bags for moms. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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Inkling Scents roll-on perfume, Sultry scent

This product was recommended by Tiffany Hardman from Inkling Scents

All natural oil perfumes in a small roll-on bottle is perfect for travel. There can be unpleasant smells in airports, taxis, foreign markets, etc. It’s lovely to have a familiar, beautiful scent that includes essential oils to calm nerves.

Greenwich Simply Chic Backpack

This product was recommended by Lindsay Hindman from Sioux City

Travel writer Lindsay Hindman from SiouxlandFamilies swears by Skip Hop’s backpack-style diaper bags like this one. She says hers is cute and spacious, plus the exterior is easy to wipe clean. I love that it’s hands-free so I can take it anywhere, but also looks nice enough I get complimented on it when I bring it to weddings and such!

Bey Bee – Mama’s Bag {Diaper Bag}

This product was recommended by MandalaVishnu Sai from the horizon size

The reasons why I suggest are it has multiple pockets, hygienic, adjustable shoulder strap, wet and dry separate, elastic side pocket. It is one of the best quality available in the market.

HaloVa Waterproof Travel Backpack

This product was recommended by Ana Levinta from Business Travel Reviews

This diaper bag is perfect for everyday use, as well as traveling. First of all, it measures 10.5×16.5×7.5, meaning that it is huge. However, when worn, it doesn’t appear that large. It has many advantages: you have 15 color options to choose from, so it’s quite fashionable, and when it comes to functionality, wait until you see how many pockets this bag has. It covers everything you might need, from the large compartment for diapers to a separate wet cloth pocket, a tissue pocket, and an insulated bottle pocket that holds your milk bottles and helps them stay warm. This beautiful and functional bag is also waterproof and odorless. It even has an anti-theft pocket, conveniently located on the back, so you can put your valuable belongings such as the phone, wallet, and keys in there. If you are a new mom, you know how hard it can be to fit all items that a baby might need into a single bag. This one will prove to be a tremendous help, especially when you are on the go and in need of quick access to emergency items such as diapers, food, and spare clothes.

RUVALINO Convertible Bag

This product was recommended by Ana Levinta from Business Travel Reviews

If you are looking for something more versatile that you can easily carry and/or hang somewhere for convenience, this convertible tote bag is worth your attention. With a simple and timeless design, this bag has 14 small pockets, 3 insulated bottle holders and one large compartment for your large items. The best part is that you can quickly turn it from a handbag into a carry-on, a crossbody bag, attach it to your luggage due to the back sleeve, or attach it to the stroller. This large bag fits everything you need for you and your baby: diapers, bottles, a laptop, changing clothes, snacks, and more. The adjustable and padded shoulder strap is very convenient, and the durable material makes it easy to sustain a heavy weight. This is perfect for traveling, weekend getaways with your family, and even as a hospital overnight bag for the baby’s arrival. It is a great gift idea, as it is also wipeable and it has a spill-resistant interior and exterior.

BAGSMART Toiletry Bag Travel Bag

This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from AutoInsuranceEZ

This bag allows you to organize just about every accessory and toiletry you need on your trip. No more digging through a big bag of junk. It’s easy to access whatever you need in this bag. One of its most convenient features is the hanger. The whole bag can hang on a towel hook or closet bar and unfold. The clear pockets allow you to see where everything is. It’s perfect for moms, especially, because kids count on them to be prepared for everything.

ECOSUSI Duffel Bag Weekender

This product was recommended by Cecilia Yeung from Little Discoverer

The ECOSUSI Duffel Bag is a great travel bag for moms. It’s stylish and looks expensive. It has loads of storage space and very easy to carry. It’s very durable and water-resistant.

Kyoto Snake Print Circle Handbag

This product was recommended by Ashley McCormick from RAGDOLL PR

The perfect bag to keep mom looking good while still having room for all her necessities. Plus Size Women’s: Curvy Sense – Curvy Sense designs all clothing by taking measurements of actual plus-size women because not everyone has the same fit. The fit is their number one priority. Style is on the same level. Their collection of trendy plus-size styles comes in equivalent sizes 14 – 28 (1X – 4X).. Plus, all the clothing they design and manufacture are made in the USA.

Hanover Snake Trim 2-in-1 Bucket Bag

This product was recommended by Ashley McCormick from RAGDOLL PR

This bag has three in one for any need a mom might have! All while keeping her stylish.

Bamomby Multi-Function Waterproof Large Travel Backpack

This product was recommended by Sara Skirboll from RetailMeNot’s Shopping and Trends Expert

The multiple pockets and insulated compartments on this large stylish diaper backpack makes it spacious to hold all essentials for your baby. Everything will fit in its right place. Free your hands by attaching the bag to your stroller with the buckles on the shoulders straps. It is well organized and compact for you to carry.

Trunki Original Kids Ride-On Suitcase

This product was recommended by Sara Skirboll from RetailMeNot’s Shopping and Trends Expert

Even younger children can handle their own bag when they’re able to drag it easily with a strap, or sit on it and wheel it around the airport. (Bonus: This makes a good seat vs. them sitting on dirty airport floors.) This well-constructed, hard-sided, easy-to-open-and-lock-shut small suitcase holds a change of clothing, toiletries and room for a book, toy, snack, tablet or whatever else they might need during your next flight..

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