10 of the Best Things to Do in Boston This Summer

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There’s a lot to do in Massachusetts’ capital—from delectable foods and beautiful views to exciting activities and incredible museums. The city offers so much it gets overwhelming figuring out where to go, what to see, and when to eat. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite things to do in Boston, so whether you’re a first-timer or local trying to find something new, we’ve got you covered.

10 of the Best Things to Do in Boston

Tantalizing Tastes

1. Boston Yummy Walks

Boston Yummy Walks

When it comes to Italian food in Boston, to get the best of the best, you should go on a culinary walking tour. The tour will take you through North End, the Italian district, and many other venues for you to taste to your heart’s content.

2. Time Out Market

Time Out Market

The food hall trend in Boston is exploding—they’re perfect when you’re with a group of friends and nobody can decide on one place to eat. The Time Out Market will be open by the beginning of June and will contain first-rate dishes, chefs, and atmosphere.

Stunning Scenery

3. Boston Harborwalk

Boston Harborwalk

If you want to go on a walk that takes you through all that is beautiful about Boston, the Harborwalk is perfect. You’ll get to see some of the desirable quaint areas and walk by the city’s famous attractions. If you don’t feel like walking, hop on a water taxi!

4. Arnold Arboretum

Arnold Arboretum

Harvard University’s Arnold Arboretum consists of a 1,100-acre chain of parks linked up by various waterways and parkways throughout Boston. It’s another way to take in the glorious scenery of Boston and the diverse beauty of nature.

Hallowed History

5. Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

Remember learning about the Boston Tea Party in elementary school? Well at Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, you can experience the madness of the 18th century. Live reenactments, restored tea ships, and tea rooms are just the beginning of this place.

6. Freedom Trail

Freedom Trail

A 2.5-mile path throughout downtown Boston passes 16 various locations that were heavily significant to American history. You’ll get a glimpse of the past through different museums, churches, and meeting houses.

Astonishing Art

7. Museum of Fine Arts

Museum of Fine Arts

The fifth largest museum in the United States, the Museum of Fine Arts has more than 450,000 works of art. A great place to spend a rainy day, it’s one of the most comprehensive museums in the Americas—there’s a collection and an art style for everyone.

8. SoWa Art & Design District

SoWa Art & Design District

The creative side of Boston is at the SoWa Art and Design District—the part of the city where people can get in touch with the unexpected. You’ll get to purchase art right where it’s made and delve into delicious food and fantastic conversation.

Exciting Excursions

9. Day Trip to Martha’s Vineyard

Day Trip to Martha’s Vineyard

One of the best excursions you can take in Boston is to Martha’s Vineyard. You’ll get to revel in the captivating nature of New England and spend six hours on the gorgeous island of Martha’s Vineyard.

10. Whale Watching Cruise

Whale Watching Cruise

Coming to Boston means you need to watch for whales—the surrounding Boston waters offer some of the best whale watching options in the United States. Hop on board, embrace the fresh breeze, and admire the largest mammals on Earth.

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