10 of the Best Resorts and Hotels to Stay at For The Holiday Season

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According to one study, 15 billion people on average travel for the holidays.

If you’re planning on traveling for the holidays, you should book your resorts and hotels now. However, you might be wondering what are the best hotels and resorts to stay at.

Keep reading to find the perfect destination for your holiday vacation.

1. French Quarter Inn

If you’re in Charleston, South Carolina, head to the French Quarter Inn. This is in a historic city that comes alive in the holidays. 

The palmetto trees are decorated with Christmas lights, and all the hotels celebrate as well. 

You’ll get to see a gingerbread house of St. Philip’s Church as well.

The hotel also decorates with Sleigh Bell suites and a tree in your own room. They have eggnog at the bar, but you can also grab some hot cocoa or cider to enjoy the day with.

2. Omni Homestead Resort

The Omni Homestead Resort is in Virginia, and it can cost around $200 a night depending on when you go and when you book.

Twenty-three different presidents have stayed in this hotel because of how comfortable and timeless is. You’ll also find a lot of Southern hospitality and charm.

While you enjoy your decorated hotel with a large tree in the Great Hall, you can also go ice-skating, skiing, or tubing. 

3. West Gate Resorts

If you want a little bit of a warmer vacation, celebrate Christmas in Orlando. This is a great way to make all kinds of happy family memories. 

You can stay at one of the West Gate Resorts and enjoy all of their holiday themes and decorations. Or, you can also take a trip to Disney or Universal and see all of the characters ready to greet you with some holiday cheer.

If you’re interested in staying here, check out this link to find the best hotels:

4. Disney’s Grand Floridian

If you have a large budget for your trip, try and book Disney’s Grand Floridian during Christmas. This is a more elegant approach to the holidays.

This is a Victorian-style hotel, and you’ll see a life-sized gingerbread house that is actually made out of gingerbread. You can even order gingerbread-themed treats and drinks at this bar.

They also have a 40-foot tall Christmas tree that’s in the middle of their lobby. 

5. The Resort at Paws Up

The Resort at Paws Up is a great place to enjoy Christmas and likely see some snow. 

You can explore around the resort by sleigh, dogsled, or snowmobile.

You can also build gingerbread homes at this resort. You can also buy a luxurious package to get a Christmas tree, a visit from Santa, and holiday-themed beverages and meals. 

6. The Breakers

You could also to Palm Beach in Florida and visit The Breakers. However, this is around $800 a night, so you’ll need a large budget. 

This is also a place where many presidents have stayed. If you go for Christmas, you can enjoy Christmas brunch, formal balls, twinkling lights, and cocktails. 

7. Gaylord Palms

Gaylord Palms and Resort is in Kissimmee. They’re also known for their activities and events as well. 

You can take your children here to show them all kinds of great light displays and ice sculptures. You can even go snow tubing here even though it’s in the middle of Florida. 

The 2021 theme is centered around Elf, and you’ll be able to see the story brought to life through snow and sculptures. You can even participate in the famous snowball fight! 

You can also decorate gingerbread houses, do escape room challenges, and scavenger hunts.

8. Hotel Hershey

Hotel Hershey is a great place to stay if you want something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

You can take a walk down Hersheypark’s Christmas Candylane, where there are two million LED lights in the amusement park.

You’ll be able to visit the theme park as well, where you can experience thirty rides that are open year-round. 

9. The Westin St. Francis

The Westin St. Francis is in San Francisco’s Union Square. It overlooks the ice skating rink and Christmas tree.

However, the main draw of this hotel is the giant sugar castle the hotel. The Medieval Sugar Castle is twelve feet tall.

There is also a Sweet Boutique in the hotel where you can buy all kinds of holiday treats. There’s even a floor that is dedicated to families, so you can bring your children as well.

There, they can color holiday pictures and write a letter to Santa. 

10. Mohonk Mountain House

The Mohonk Mountain House decorates its hall during Christmas time, making it a beautiful, romantic getaway for couples. 

They start decorating in late November, and they keep their decorations up until January. 

This is a historic hotel, and you’ll see beautiful garlands, wreaths, and trees. There are even a few gingerbread houses around the area. 

During the day, you can go ice skating, snow tubing, or cross-country skiing. After that, you can have some tea and cookies while watching the snow fall.

Discover More of the Best Resorts and Hotels to Stay in For the Holiday

These are only a few of the best resorts and hotels you can stay in to celebrate Christmas, but there are many more to choose from. 

We know that planning the best trip can take a lot of work, which is why we’re here to help out.

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