10 Best Gadgets For Sleeping On A Plane

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Sleeping on a plane can be a real hassle. Even reclining the seat may not be enough for some people to get comfortable and sleep. Add to that, noise and reading lights and you have a recipe for a sleepless night. This can be devastating for those traveling for business and jet lag can really slow you down during your first day of a vacation.

If you want to avoid the usual struggles related to sleeping on a plane, there are some great gadgets to help you. You don’t need to go sleepless ever again on a plane if you have the right items at hand. Imagine how much better you will feel when you arrive at your destination if you have gotten some sleep!

Best Gadgets for Sleeping on a Plane

1. OYRGCIK Travel Pillow

This amazingly comfortable pillow is made of luxurious memory foam which conforms to the neck. The front closure keeps the pillow from slipping on the neck and the higher than average back of the pillow cradles the neck. You will be able to sleep with your head in many positions in total comfort using this great device. The pillow comes with its own carrying case to make it easy to travel with the pillow.

2. The Original SeatSleeper Travel Head Support Pillow

The ORIGINAL SeatSleeper Travel Head Support Pillow – Straps to Headrest So You Can Get Good Sleep on a Plane & Stay Upright – Cozy, Small, Black/Gray, Adjustable, for Flight & Car Sleeping

If the small headrests on a plane do not support your head adequately, this great add on head support will do the trick! Just strap it on to the plane seat and enjoy a soft and comfortable headrest while you sleep. This great piece of additional comfort will make your overnight flight very comfortable. Best of all, the headrest folds up for convenient carry in your bag and is easily moved on and off the headrest behind you so that you do not disrupt your neighbors.

3. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

This awesome set of headphones will provide you with the peace and quiet that you need to sleep or watch movies in peace on your next flight. Clever gesture controls on the earpieces make turning up and down the volume as well as stopping and starting your music of media a snap. If you just want some quiet, they are so comfortable and shut out noise so thoroughly that you will sleep like a baby.

4. Homder Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Eye Mask

This very comfortable eye mask will make it possible to block out the light from the person reading next to you. As an additional benefit, this great eye mask connects to Bluetooth devices so that you can listen to your favorite music or some white noise while you are soothed to sleep. The mask will not pinch or slip and your eyes will thank you for the break as you get some rest. Being able to cancel out both the noise and the light in the plane can make it possible to sleep the whole way to your destination.

5. Sleepy Ride Airplane Foot Rest

If you are short and your legs get tired when you are sitting in a plane seat, this clever hammock that hangs under the seat in front of you will allow you to give your legs the comfort that they need so that you can rest. An added benefit it reduced swelling in the ankles and lowers the risk of clots. Even if you are not short, this foot sling can help to alleviate lower back pain and make the reclined position of your seat more comfortable. This is a great way to make sure that you are comfortable enough to sleep.

6. MINDBEAST Super Bass Noise Isolating Earbuds

These comfy earbuds fit nicely in your ears and cancel out all the noise that is distracting to you while you are trying to rest. They are made to be sweatproof and they are super lightweight. They come in a great carrying case and can be used with many different devices. These are great headphones if you do not want to have to wear large noise-cancelling headphones.

7. TRTL Pillow

This travel pillow allows you to keep your neck in an upright position so that you do not get snapped awake when your head moves during the flight. The super-soft fleece will not rub your skin and will not make you sweaty. Made like a scarf, this pillow will make sure that you are always able to sleep no matter where you are.

8. Therm-A-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow

This foam pillow easily compresses down to fit in your backpack or your bag and then expands to make your sleep on the plane pleasant. This 4-inch thick pillow is super comfortable and the soft foam filling makes it easy to fit into a small space like a plane seat. You will feel like you are sleeping at home with this lovely pillow.

9. LapGear Sherpa Tablet Pillow

Tired of holding your tablet or phone while you are on the plane? This great device allows you to prop up your tablet for easy viewing. The soft Sherpa is comfortable for your lap but the flat bottom will also feat neatly onto the tray in front of you. Put your phone into the side pocket so that you do not lose track of it while you watch your movie.

10. LapGear Compact Lap Desk

If you are tired of trying to write while you are on the plane or if you enjoy a coloring book before you nod off to sleep during your overnight flight, this clever lap desk is a great option. Made to be soft enough to place on your legs, this clever device will allow you to work in comfort or even to watch a move on your tablet without having to hold it in your hands.

Travel does not have to be uncomfortable! Planning ahead and getting some good travel tools to help you to sleep and relax in comfort can make all the difference during your trip. Never arrive at your destination exhausted again!

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