1 Hour Flight Simulation Experience Review

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1 Hour Flight Simulation Experience Experience Overview:

Test your flying skills with this 60 minute hands on flight simulator in either Brighton or Northampton.

Flying Experience Days: For a truly realistic peak into the world of commercial aircraft flying, nothing beats the one hour flight simulation experience in Brighton or Northampton. Ideal for those interested in learning what it takes to become a qualified pilot, or those who simply love to try new and exciting things!

This is a flight simulation experience like no other, as it’s designed to be as accurate a reflection on the airline industry as possible. From the moment you step through the front doors you’ll be transported into the world of aircraft piloting, sitting in the reception area enjoying refreshments and awaiting that call to the pilot’s seat. Once you’ve been introduced to the pilot, it’s time to plan your journey… Choose from thousands of destinations around the world, select how you’d like the weather to be, then choose the time of day you’d like to fly, and off you go! Your instructor is on-hand for the full hour to offer tips and guidance, ensuring you’re learning as much as possible whilst having the most enjoyable time.

Flight simulation experiences are wonderfully unique activities that make great gifts for aviation enthusiasts, or for those who love to try new things. They’re also fantastic ways to get over a fear of flying, without having to leave the ground! With a choice of two locations in the UK and the option to bring a friend for the ride, this experience makes a great day out to share with a loved one.

1 Hour Flight Simulation Experience Review:

The 1 Hour Flight Sim Experience is available in either Brighton or Northampton. There is the possibility of bringing a friend along, which is great if you know someone who has a fear of flying.

Pressures and procedures of the real world are replicated, as you would experience in a commercial airliner. You can choose from thousands of destinations, weather conditions and times of day to fly to.

Safely strapped into the seat, you are then given a thorough briefing from an experienced flight instructor. The only thing your instructor and you have to do is fly – talking and listening are up to you.

The flight simulator is very realistic and it is hard to distinguish it from the real deal!

A flight lasts 1 hour but there is the possibility of extending your flight by a further hour if you wish, for a small extra cost.

For those of you with a fear of flying, your instructor will support you throughout the entire flight, which will hopefully remove any queasiness you experience. The Flight Sim experience is the perfect cure! There are currently two locations – Brighton and Northampton.

For me the 1 hour flight experience was amazing! I was on holidays in the UK and saw this as a great opportunity to spend a little time on something new and exciting! It was so much fun and definitely an experience I will remember for the rest of my life! I was so happy with it that I wanted to go again!

I flew a lot with a friend of mine who had a fear of flying, and it was such a great experience to see him face this fear and overcome it. He said he will go flying a plane now without fear as he is starting to believe he can do it, thanks to the flight sim experience!

After the initial safety instructions and a quick briefing on the controls of the simulator you are on your own. Pick from thousands of destinations, weather conditions and times of day. At any time during the flight you can call the instructor if required. The instructor is in full control and is always there to help.

I flew places that you can only dream of going with my flight simulator.

Seat Tip: The seat can get uncomfortable after a while

What You Get:

Your instructor will be working out the details of your flight, but no matter what he chooses, you will get to fly.

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